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Weekdays, I spend between 1.5h to 4.5h in transit, depending on where I have to go and what I have to do.

Daily… people watching, neighborhood watching…

Differences between 6:30am and 4:30pm… contrasts.

Time to read. Time to daydream. Time to stress. Time to zone out. Time to plan. Time to prepare.

Listening to the ipod shuffle, watching people.

I don’t mind transit. It’s easier than biking and cheaper than a car, but still not as nice as being able to walk where you need to go.

My list, right now.

(in between CBC podcasts, of course.)

La belle et le bad boy – MC Solaar
Intergalactic – The Beastie Boys
Your Woman – White Town
Don’t Believe the Hype – Public Enemy
Hey Ya! – OutKast
Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads
If I Had a Rocket Launcher – Bruce Cockburn
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Propellerheads
Lose Yourself – Eminem
Can’t Get You out of My Head – Kylie Minogue
Cool for Cats – Squeeze
Dare – Gorillaz
The Weight – The Band
Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana
You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Bobcaygeon – The Tragically Hip
Everyday Rudeboy – Kardinal Offishal
Voyager – Daft Punk
Changes – Tupac
Trahison – Vitalic

Hey, I never said I had sophisticated taste in music. I’m highly susceptible to hooky beats. I love the iTunes, before I had never gotten into music just because of the expense and hassle. Now it’s amazing how easy and customizable it is. Truly we live in some sort of amazing future world.

If you’ve got any suggestions for tracks or podcasts please share them in the comments. What’s on your transit list?

piece-of-work in progress

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The essence of the book is… be a good person. Simple principles that allow you to open up to the world and the people around you.

Sometimes I have a stong tendecy to feel social anxiety. I dread and avoid upcoming confrontations to my detriment, I worry too much about saying the wrong thing, and I over-analyze my social errors long after they occur. These combined behaviors can make me seem stand-offish and awkward to others when the opposite is my intention.

In a lot of ways, I am not at all as deeply awkward as I was when I was a teenager. Yet my internal imagining of myself is often “standing apart”, or contrary to my surroundings. I still internally identify as a loner when in fact externally this no longer is true – I have to talk to a lot of people all the time, and familiarity is beginning to reduce my apprehensions.

Then there is the necessity of divulging myself of my more misanthropic, pessimistic, and nihilistic leanings. In a way, I no longer believe so strongly in those ideas. I’m making a mental U-turn here as I try to thing of things positively, hopefully, and with purpose. I do believe that it is possible for a person to change.

I highly recommend this book. It is truly the original self-help book, and is a powerful, secular work that inspires improvement. You know how I feel about archetypal originals…

Black Friday

No, I have not and will not buy anything today… oh wait, does coffee count?

I want to write some more about this, because I have to be brief right now… I’ll be back soon.

I love Buy Nothing day and I love Black Friday Blogging. Stay tuned.


Just spent some time looking back at last year’s Black Friday Blogging. I don’t read my archives often. Somehow I always expect to feel embarrassed, I tend to want to cut off and forget my past.

Black Friday Blogging was the week where I really fell in love with blogging. Scroll down and see what I wrote – the Free Fashion series. Possibly some of my best blog writing ever. Some points I no longer agree with but I’m overwhelmed by the things I knew back then that I have since forgotten… and am rediscovering, with difficulty. I was so ignorant… and prescient.

The whole thing was Almost Girl‘s idea. Julie managed to coalesce the fashion blogosphere like never before, generated great conversation, links and traffic… prescient again as now she is using coutorture to bring bloggers and the insider industry together. I will always be thankful to Julie for turning me onto blogging as a passion.

So what happened to the conversation? Is there not much to say anymore?

Julie and I both have graduated from university, abandoning academics for the real world. We are too exhausted to carry on an indulgent week of blogging in between classes. Fashion insiders do want to join the conversation… but only if there’s something in it for them. We’re both dealing with the ideas of trying to use some of that online magic in our professional lives but find the conversation doesn’t have quite the same sense of freedom and spontenaity. Maybe it’s because we’ve been doing it for a long time, so it no longer has the same sense of novelty and engagement. Things will never be the way they were.

I went with my friend Sidney to the Eaton Centre today and we walked in and out of stores, not trying anything on but feeling all the different brands. We didn’t buy anything. There’s a Swarovski Christmas tree in the mall that is so well lit and bright it sort of seems like a holograph. It doesn’t seem as busy as last year. Everything seemed so indulgent and warm, a mall full of nice things and lucky people, and I didn’t want any of it. I just enjoyed observing it all and talking with my friend.I don’t relish consumption. I do have material desires but they are few and specific… I don’t get any joy out of shopping as a recreational pastime. I am thankful for the nice things that I have, and thankful to live in such an abundant place where I can get the things I want.

Just in case you want a peek at fashion blogging history, back when it was a bit more innocent and idealistic… a look back at last year’s Black Friday Blogging highlights.

Day Two

2.3 Conversations

Day 3 Fashion Community

Day 4 Celebrity Overdose

Day 5 Sharing IS Caring

Day 7 Happy Thanksgiving

Black Friday Blogging Picks Up (wherin we meet our beloved blogging fashion designer Verbal Croquis for the first time.)


I have a material desire: a Canada Goose parka.


The Resolute: ultimate function, uncompromising in what it is for.

Canada Goose makes stuff that’s a little more urban too, the Trillium is quite nice:


But it doesn’t have the same kind of singularity as the Resolute.

I have an abiding love for things that have this kind of essence; things that are original. I don’t mean original as in a haute couture creation. I mean a style that stands as the definitive manifestation of a garment. Like the Levis 501, or the Doc Marten 1460.

I’ll get the Resolute 8501. In black.

TFBB takes the cake at the Drake

Thank you to the Drake for such a fabulous, yummy brunch, stylish – yet also chilled out and comfy atmosphere. I think we’ve finally found a home for TFBB.

I love Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch. We all sit down, talk about our hopes and dreams in blogland and meatspace, eat lots of really filling brunchy food, drink lots of coffee, and take a meandering conversation through local events, trends, victims, must-have items, favourite movies…

Today’s highlights – Sonja’s trend piece got published in the National Post… the inside take on the Fashion File auditions… TFI and TSF are both getting into podcasting, vidcasting, IM conferencing and online community… plus super-secret plans of awesomeness.

Thank you to all my favourite Toronto Fashion Blog friends for coming! You all rock, I’m so thrilled that the internets have brought us together.
Today’s Cast:

Rachel and Sonja from

Anita from I want – I got

Carolyn from the Toronto Fashion Incubator

…and me

If you want to come to the next TFBB, stay tuned to this space.

Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch – Update

I’ve called the Drake and reserved – so everyone RSVP if possible, of course you’re welcome to just show up even if you don’t, but if you RSVP I can throw you a link you ahead of time.

Oh, and feel free to invite your readers and other local fashion bloggers that I might not know about.

Good thing I called, because I found out the room does not open until 11:30 am.

TFBB is now at 11:30 on Sunday the 19th at the Drake

Come and bask in geek chique with I want – I got, the the fashionable femmes and hommes from, Carolyn Rohaly from the Toronto Fashion Incubator, sharp, sassy lip from hipster musings, and salty quips from fashion verbatim. This is going to be the best TFBB yet!

Oh, and I’ll be there =)

downtown hair, Queen West jacket


Here I am with my new hair! I got to be the teacher’s subject at a demo class at the Aveda Institute. Ricardo did an awesome demonstration – I told him to do whatever he liked, and I got a great haircut. They’re always looking for people who want free haircuts there – you can sign up here.

Oh, and the cute new jacket I’ve got is just as Queen Street West as it gets for me – thanks to Osafo at Hush Boutique for the sweet new threads. It feels nice to feel like I’m in fashion, every once in a while.

click hop

Stuff I’ve snooped up this week;

Lovely, lovely linkers! Via my incoming links I have discovered Elegant Musings, studying design, sewing, and sharing lovely photos and of course… musings. What a charming way to discover a great blog, too, when quietly, without announcement, they offer a link. It’s like a gift.

The Stitchery is another generous gem. Mary Beth is awesome. Lots of machines and making stuff! Great sewing tips from an experienced businesswoman with a lot of curiousity and focus.

As you all know, Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch is coming up on the 19th! Rachel and Tiffanie from are coming, so is geekigirl, Carolyn Rohaly, and yours truly will be there. These girls are Toronto’s sharpest fashion minds, I’m really looking forward to this brunch. Are you a local fashion blogger? Let me know if you’re coming! Readers are totally welcome too.

And spread the word! Thank you so much to fusion boutique (an awesome fashion/record shop in Guelph, Jewell gets the best Canadian fashion) and Divashop (possibly the pinkest blog I have ever seen – but look closer she’s just the sweetest girly girl) for posting about TFBB.


Isabel might be coming! She writes one of my all time favourite blogs Hipster Musings… =D

TFBB is so cool. People start collaborating on eachother’s blogs, it’s wonderfully Toronto-specific, we’re all passionate about a lot of the same things. Digital connections become real life connections.

Maybe we should let the Drake know we’re coming?

oh and another thing…

Ooh, I have to mention another lovely incoming linker – Emily at A La Mode who has totally endeared herself to me with classic Canadian content… plus her url is… yep, that rocks.

all the small changes


Time to make some changes around here. It seems I can no longer live in a world with detached, ironic despair. With a shift in attitude, comes a shift in action… a series of small changes that say something about where I’m at and where I’m going.

  1. The light bulb. Five times the price as the regular ones, a fraction of the wattage, the same amount of light, and apparently it lasts eight times as long. If everyone would just do the math here, this one is a no-brainer. What took me so long?
  2. The cloth washcloth. I’ve pitched the last of the paper towels and j-cloths. Just throw it in the washer.
  3. Bringing my thermos instead of going to Tim Hortons.
  4. The cloth bag. Stuff it in the bottom of my messanger bag.
  5. Used milk bags make good sandwich bags. I am turning into my Mother!
  6. The fair trade, organic coffee. Smells lovely.
  7. The $20 organic chicken tastes pretty good, too.

Sure, I still have my ancient energy-hog fridge (price $0), I’m not about to hang my wet clothes on the line in my studio. Still, when I started to think about it, these changes were so easy to make, so why not? If you think in the long term it seems like money well spent.

Also, I’ve brought my plants back to life. Remember this sorry scene a month ago? I looked at this plant, and I saw some leaves all rolled up. I said to my Mom, “its leaves are all rolled up! What’s wrong with it?”

My Mom said “Those are new leaves, it’s growing.”

A plant in my possession… actually growing? I truly have changed. I feel like I just became a woman.


These are the books I’m into lately. Brave New World is a hoot. I don’t think the future’s going to be anywhere near so neat and tidy. The Earth From Above book is a wonderful gift from my best friend. Here’s a peek inside, the photos take you out of yourself and the captions are fascinating.




What happened to the disconnected, cynical, despair I used to love so much? It’s still inside of me, but I’ve started to make the motions. If all it takes is a million changes, I’ll make them. There is no ideal world, but it makes sense to live sensibly. It does make sense to reduce the energy you consume and the waste you produce, to eat the better food and to support the better business practices. Changes aren’t that hard to make. It actually felt good to do them.

If I can change, anyone can.

What a week I missed!

Finally had time to check out Carolyn Rohaly’s always fabulous blog for the Toronto Fashion Incubator. She’s such a great writer, I got all of the bits of fashion week I was really curious about. She actually makes me want to go to next season’s shows so much!

I, Danielle, hereby pledge to actually ATTEND more than one show per fashion week from now on! (Something which I have never done – shame!) I really need to get out more =)

Maybe it’s time for another Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch…? I think so!

Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch

at the Drake (1150 Queen Street West)

on Sunday the 19th of November at 11am!

All Local Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Blog Readers are Welcome

Email your friends, Post it on your Blog