today at tfbb IV


I love Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch. Lots of spirited discussion about fashion over eggs and coffee is pretty much one of my favourite things to do – and now I can look forward to it happening monthly. Next month will have the shakedown from Toronto Fashion Week.

Attending the fourth TFBB there was a nice mix of regulars and some new faces too.

Anita of I want – I got and blogTO

fashion blog reader Miki (we love meeting readers!)

Toronto Fashion Incubator diarist Carolyn Rohaly

Eden of Bargainista

Adrian of Fashion Verbatim

Rachel, Sonja and Tiffanie from

Sonja brought a special guest, Marlene of boutique le trou. It was a fascinating to speak with her about buying and selling fashion by Canadian designers.

The Drake Hotel treated us well as always. We can be an exuberant group for a Sunday morning. Thanks to everyone who came, it was so much fun to see all of you.

style or fashion

Tricia at Bits and Bobbins has set the stage for the fashion vs style definition smackdown in the wake of a barely bloggable new fashion season.

Some of her points I like but her list is heavily biased towards the positivity of style versus the negative aspects of fashion. In my mind the two words are too closely linked and broad to have a singular positive/negative value.

It got me thinking how fashion and style are both temporal things. Here’s my thoughts –

Style follows the story of an individual life.

Fashion reveals a society’s aspirations and anxieties.

Style shows the world who you think you are.

Fashion is how time dresses itself.

I liked one of the comments on Tricia’s post-

Helen Says:
When I was growing up, my mother used to say:

“Fashion is what you’re offered. Style is what you choose.”

Fashion. Style.  What do you think?

meanwhile somewhere else

I’ve got a case of bloggers block or something that keeps me from being able to sustain a subject for more than one paragraph. So that’s why I’ll keep passing along links so you can go elsewhere on the internet for your kicks.

Wouldn’t you look good in organic cotton? If you live in the GTA and love being photographed, click here.

It’s that time of year where one season starts to blur into another. London fashion week is on now and we get to tag along with a (sniffly) Susie Bubble at Style Bubble. What a trooper she is bringing us the mundane and the sublime. Viruses, impractical shoes, and lack of free sustenance and demands of full-time work be damned. Fashion loves Susie Bubble.  She’s one of my favourites.

Not sure I’d do the same for Toronto’s fashion week. If I make it to two shows it’ll be a record – and if I had the sniffles my delicate sense of devotion to fashion would be destroyed.

Speaking of London vs. Toronto here’s an argument in favour of the second city from Boing Boing. What do you think – does the bigness of the big fashion weeks stifle risk, resulting in such tepid seasons according to my favourite jaded journalist? Does it follow that second city fashion scenes are really more interesting?

Meanwhile we’re getting the full story on the Vegas shows from the Fashion Incubator. It’s neat to get all the different perspectives on the shows, both from newbies and old pros, designers and patternmakers. I look forward to following these conversations.

Finally I leave you with a bonus link of pretty food. Enjoy!

more to click

Is there anything greyer than Toronto in February? The city is pale with snow under a washed-out cloudy sky. Salt stains on boots, shivering at bus stops. Slushy uneven sidewalks and bitter winds. There is so little redeeming about the atmosphere in this city right now, I’m anxious to retreat into my warm studio on the weekends, curled up in front of the flickering internet or cooking over a hot stove.

My attention these days has been so captured by food that I have to resist the impulse to turn final fashion into a food blog. My resolution this year to try a new recipe every week has not just been an easy promise to keep – it keeps me excited about a new week – a new taste. By the end of this year I think I will have built up quite the repetoire.

So while I’m on the topic, there’s a whole other blogland out there about food – I’ve started with Simply Recipes and 101 cookbooks.

And veering slightly to the left of the foodie topic, I recently bumped into The Impulsive Buy via Accordion Guy. Yes there is a blog for people like me! I don’t know why, but whenever I see some kind of new flavour of something or some kind of horrible novelty food I am filled with a ridiculous intense curiousity. I have bought far too many disgusting flavours that should not exist. Now, I can get the review, the rant, and enough information to make the urge to try subside.

Continuing along the path of virtually nothing to do with fashion, I also have a recurring fascination with speculative fiction and futuristic utopias. Recently I discovered the Paleo Future blog via boingboing. I love pondering this stuff and all the tangents off of it. You know, when I have time to ponder.

Recently discovered Kylie Minogue and I’m enjoying browsing her videos and catching up with her dance-pop songs. She’s a confident performer with a greater depth of sexiness than the average pop starlet.

Perhaps it has a little to do with fashion, but often as I listen to music as I walk down subway platforms on a daily basis, I feel like I am walking through a chaotic collection. Imagine the people of Toronto as if our collective attire contributes to the landscape, to the overall sense of designed atmosphere of the place. That a sense of locality could be in a way, a force of fashion.

There are common themes, depending on the time of year. Right now most people are dressed in subdued colours, and either wearing parkas, ski jackets, or wool. Most people dress in shades of black, grey, brown, and blue. There are exceptions, but most people do not dress outrageously, or well, or very badly. So perhaps there is something to be said for a certain, low temperature blandness to Toronto’s general sartorial sense.

Still, it’s the exceptions that make watching the street life entertaining. It’s cool to check out what the kids are wearing these days. No sooner than I admit to reading Vice, they release a fashion issue. This is where we get the handy guide on regional variations in the young urban adults out there. I’m pleased to see that there still is regional variation in fashion.

TFBB is coming up – if you want a button you can click on this one to get it and put it on your blog if you’re coming to the brunch:


Soon there might even be a TFBB forum or wiki so we can keep that thread going in one easy-to-find, linkable location. Thanks to geekigirl, who is doing a stellar job at taking care of the details for the next brunch.

Yes, I’ve continued to feel the fashion week tremors as they get to me. I’m not following the shows slavishly as I did in the past, so what gets to me is whatever the blogs think is remarkable enough to post. There isn’t enough that is remarkable about this season. I am expecting to see way too much of the fashion victim t-shirts. What’s your prediction for this season? What looks will stick and actually get filtered into the general consciousness six months from now, next fall?

Let’s ponder. Let’s speculate.

13 clicks

Knit maven and yarntrepreneur Andrea from making things has tagged me a meme to share thirteen things about myself. (BTW, she has a book coming out!)

Since I’ve already done the tag for five things… I’m going to warp the meme into a 13 click link dump… some fashion stuff, plus some guilty pleasures.

  1. New York fashion week is over and the blogger invasion is pretty much complete – it seems like we’re all on fashion overload in internetland. Because of the the relentless saturation of information, fashion week is offically, dare we say, demode? Kudos to Almost Girl, fiftyRX3, the Sartorialist, Style Bites, and everyone who blogged their bit to bring us the tents.
  2. What can change in a season? On the internet, a lot.
  3. Articles to click include Bloggers in Tents: Fashion Warms to a New Media, I Don’t Like It Unless It’s Brand New, and Help We’re Drowning In a Sea of Shows.
  4. I read this thread on The Fashion Spot and a bit of schadenfreude… and a sigh. It makes me feel a little better about my own situation, but in despair for the fashion industry and the human race in general. If you added up all of the first world fashion-school debt, you could probably end world hunger. Also on TFS… Parka Pride.
  5. Ok, so the idea of 3 more fashion weeks to come is exhausting. Let’s think about machines.
  6. If it’s something, and it’s awful, you’ll find it on Something Awful. This site helpfully aggregates everything that is terrible about the internet.
  7. I’m a fan of the Self Publishing blog but I never really knew why. Until I found out that Morris Rosenthal also writes speculative fiction combining self-publishing with a dystopian future. Books Are Our Friends. I still don’t know why, but it amuses me. =)
  8. Need an antidote to the tasteful greys of the NY fall/winter collections… go read Vice Do’s & Don’ts… for the usual tasteless youth tempered by humanity gone wrong.
  9. Psst… TFBB
  10. My weekend cooking adventures continue… as I’ve mentioned my goal this year is to try one new recipe per weekend. So far I’ve done roast chicken, chicken recipes, shrimp, red snapper and sausage recipes… this weekend I am attempting my first ever rib roast. I get a lot of pleasure out of choosing a recipe, walking to the market on Saturday mornings to buy ingredients. You can get almost anything at the market! It’s neat to fill up with hearty home-cooked food at least once a week, and satisfying to feel like I am teaching myself to be a cook. Got any good food links to share? Put those clicks in the comments!
  11. Check out the new addition to Verbal Croquis’ Portfolio. This is what she calls boring… as if! Love the hard-edged jackets and the drapey tops. Pure VC gold.
  12. There is no twelve. Thirteen clicks is just too many.
  13. Finally, the saga of my 501 experiment continues. Here is the denim… raw on the left, and shrunk 10% on the right – 10%!


As for who I tag? I tag you, dear reader. Please pass along a link in the comments. It can be something you clicked on recently, fashion tidbit, thing you like, high or low lights from fashion week, guilty pleasures or linkbait.

TFBB is alive


I’m thrilled to announce that my little brunch idea is taking on a life of its own. My friends and fellow Toronto fashion bloggers are volunteering their own efforts towards making the brunch a monthly happening and I couldn’t be happier.

This month Anita from I want – I got is taking the organizer duties, geek style with web apps. If you’re a local fashion blogger or just love reading fashion blogs and want to come brunch with us, RSVP here. Adrian from Fashion Verbatim has contributed another awesome poster to help us spread the good word. And of course without the Drake where would we all go? We love the Drake Hotel for hosting us so gracefully.

watching NY from the corner of my eye…

I found Yeohlee‘s collection quietly compelling and mature. I like the way she uses double-faced fabrics, how the fabrics accent or envelope the body rather than reveal it. The jacket with two sets of sleeves is a brilliant idea. Think of how many ways you could wear that freakish garment. Tying the sleeves like a scarf or like a belt, while wearing the other sleeves. It may not be like this at all, but I imagine it like this, if anyone can understand my photoshoppy scratching:

freak jacket
What a genius Yeohlee is. I want to make one of these myself now, reversible of course.

Also check out Ports 1961! I had no idea that it was so progressive… slightly arty even, and often beautiful. Even more interesting than the clothes though is the Ports story and its remarkable Canada-China connection.