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dior_couture1245’s Challenge lets us choose our own adventure:

For your next challenge…

Galliano is known for his cross cultural, cross period references all mashed up into one coherent collection (Empress Josephine/ Edie Sedgwick, Poiret/ Elvis Presley, Ancient Egypt/ Avedon and Penn, French Revolution/ S&M).

What you’ll do in this challenge is pick one theme from numbers 1-5 and pair it with a theme from A-E and design an outfit that is inspired by the two themes you picked. The winner will be chosen for his/ her ability to create an interesting design in which the two themes are aparent and combined seamlessly. (by the way, you don’t have to design with the extravagance of Galliano, you’re perfectly welcome to do so, though, if you wish)

THEMES: (pick one from 1-5 and combine it with one from A-E)

1. Bollywood
2. Medieval
3. Disco
4. Queen Elizabeth I
5. Andy Warhol

A. Madonna/ 1980’s
B. 1950’s Housewife
C. Aztec Warrior
D. Astronaut
E. Gangsta/ Hip-Hop street style

If my stats are accurate and someone is out there reading, what combination would you like to see me design? I’ll let you pick the model too…

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a style icon for me

For a long, long time I have loved novels by Margaret Atwood. My very favourite Atwood books are Cat’s Eye, Alias Grace, and The Robber Bride.

Recently I have discovered that she is not just a favourite author. Listening to her candid conversation with Jian Gomeshi, and looking at her new website, I realized that as I grow older I want to become more like Margaret Atwood.

It does not really matter what she wears or what she looks like. I could never write like her, our areas of expertise are tangential, not identical. It is her sharp mind and tongue, confident identity, and that detached, observational bemusement with humans. It fills me with a joyful sense of what I want to become.

the scene last night

Fashion Cares 2007

It is Toronto’s biggest and best fashion event. Last night I got lucky and got to see the spectacle.

What a privilege to watch Dita Van Teese do her famous Champagne routine! It was incredible.

The event itself was a lot different than last year. It was at the distillery district and it was a cold May night. I felt bad for all the beautiful people in their amazing burlesque-themed outfits shivering. Fashion Cares traditionally tends to have a lot of skin to show off the M.A.C makeup so I saw a lot of goosebumps. This meant a lot of people left early. There were plenty of seats, a first for Fashion Cares. People with forethought to wear fur looked smart. This is Canada, right?

Fashion Cares shows another side of Canada I love too. Check out and you’ll see bohemians of high caliber. Toronto has a very liberal, tolerant, cosmopolitan side. We also have our own celebrated showoffs who are regarded with affection, admiration and humour (rarely reverent).

The other Canadian aspect of the event is the idea is that Fashion does care. Seeing around me the cast of characters both the established running the show, the first timers, the joy of imagining and creating and fantasy is real, the love is there and you can feel it. I highly recommend going, or volunteering.

painting the lining

This is the second episode of a series documenting the creation of a wedding dress for my best friend K. You can see the original concept illustration here and the mockup of the bodice here.

I am painting the lining of the dress as well. I haven’t painted on silk in well over a year and I need the practice.

First I cover my cutting table with plastic and then I stretch the silk out like so…

silk stretched out

I pencil on my pattern pieces so I know where to start. The bodice is mostly blue and a little green.

blue for the bodice

Playing around with the colours and effects… salt looks neat…

salt patterns

Transitioning from blue to green for the skirt…

now adding green

The green goes goldish towards the hem. About now I start rethinking the order I want to apply the colours and start adding more water and mixing up my paints.

and gold towards the hem

Now it’s getting to be a bit of a mess as I am overworking it. Alas there is no Ctrl+Z in painting. It is just the lining so it will get covered up. Though I am considering redoing it…

a bit overworked

Expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing for the next little while. Prepping the fabric will be the longest step of the process for this dress.

click flick

Multitask with me… browse aimlessly while focusing on the task at hand. What?

Let’s look at pictures of other people’s workspaces. This is where things get done.

Time to pay our respects to Isabella Blow. She is a fashion angel with a kingmaking touch and a Philip Treacy halo. Rest in peace.

If you believe in fashion, do you believe in fashion heaven or fashion hell? Which group of dead fashionistas would you rather spend eternity with?

Speaking of dead fashion icons (spinning in their graves as they are reading this post no doubt), will Harvey Weinstein be able to resurrect Halston from the brand mortuary? Actually, I think $20 million for Halston is a steal. If Weinstein picks the right people, it could be quite the comeback. I am dying to see what Halston will look like in the 21st century.

Remember that “Global Capital of Style” thing which I thought was a joke? Apparently, they are not kidding. Last night I was among “Toronto’s biggest bloggers” at a media launch.

The media launch was for the Toronto Week of Style, produced by the Style Council of Canada. The event may seem to resemble any other week of fashion shows, but there are vast differences. Notably, bloggers are not ignored. This may be a shrewd move. Bloggers require less ego-stroking than traditional media…

Toronto Week of Style Blogs It Up

Attention: Fashion Editors

Toronto, Canada (May 8, 2007) – In what has to be a first in Canada, the Toronto Week of Style has provided the biggest bloggers in the country full media designation.

“It makes total sense” says Executive Producer Zaigham Zulqernain, “collectively, these blogs have a much bigger readership than their offline counterparts. I was actually shocked to learn that the event similar to ours didn’t event provide media passes to them. With blogs quickly becoming the most important and most read means of disseminating news, their importance to us is not lost.”

“Not only are we providing them access, we are giving some of them cameras to document their experience, ” says Director of PR, Andrea Ciccone, “we expect them to be honest and report what they see and experience because that is what the consumer so rightfully deserves.”

We were treated to four kinds of cocktails “of style” and lounged around the front row of a fashion show where we tipsily parodied front-row fashion-show protocol. I won’t lie, it was a lot of fun.

Who knows what the consequences of such unprecedented blogger access will be. Actually, I can’t wait to find out.

the test bodice

This is the first episode of a series where I will be showing the process behind creating a wedding dress for my best friend, hereafter called K.

So far, K and I have sketched around and decided on the design of the dress, which you can see here. We went and purchased the silk and the silk paints, the lining, and the various errata required for this dress. (Of course I forgot wee things like the resist and an invisible zipper foot, there will not be a project I do yet that requires just one trip down Queen West.)

Taking a lovely sundress, we reverse engineered a pattern for the bodice, adjusted the style, and went through two fittings to establish a suitable pattern. Though the design looks very unstructured, it actually has a very solid bodice underneath to provide K with comfort and support.

The silk is all hand-painted and therefore will be very precious – I can’t risk cutting and sewing away without testing the pattern first so that’s what I did today. Partly to practice some of the tricky bits, like  installing an invisible zipper and clean-finishing the lining.  Also I needed to troubleshoot fiddly yet important little things like how much ease to work into the neckline, which way to press seams and so on. For an heirloom dress I want to be able to show some loving attention to the little things.

So here’s some pics… yep pretty boring so far but next comes the fun bit – painting the silk.

test bodice pieces

test bodice

test bodice zipper detail