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baptiste lake
Baptiste Lake, by Michael Clesle

This last little bit of summer is just awesome… this has been an incredible summer for me, maybe the best ever. I just finished up some fun projects on tight deadlines, and so I am free to go off to lake, rock and tree country for a couple days.

Since I will be away for a while, you will have to go elsewhere on the internet for your kicks and clicks…

The Grumpy Owl gets drawn… and the experience receives a rare good review from an acknowledged apathist… that is really something eh?

So FASH’on turns her cheap white sunglasses towards… me.

Elaine tagged me to offer up eight things about me on I am a fashion designer. Gee. Back in the day when I did that meme, it was just five things. Go ahead and guess the other three.

In an effort to win some jeans, I displayed some jeanius.  If you support the idea of me in high waisted jeans, help me win by voting.

And in other me me clicks, go check out the articles I did for blogTO this month. Still finding my voice as a girl reporter, and I have a lot to learn yet as far as photos go. Personal picks so far – The Portrait Gallery of Canada featuring Sarah from Dress and Suit… and of course the UKULA review which I investigated with the good company of Ryan, one of my awesome readers.

Did I mention that I love all of you, everyone who visits Final Fashion? I have to step up to deserve such wonderful readers. Thank you so much for clicking on my site, and special thanks to everyone who comments and emails. The response to the draping demo was incredible and much appreciated!  From Now Magazine:

Meder had the crowd worried, as she spent the first hour of the show fiddling with her cloth on the ground. The prep paid off when she dressed her mannequin and turned it toward the crowd, revealing a grid of intricate fabric pinches and the dramatic swag of a bustle in the back.

Irene from is moonlighting with her collective of merry fashion pranksters and partiers on the KnowDressCode blog… for those who like their fashion fun with a shot of hard liquor straight. Too strong for you? Dance it off.

Designers!  You have to buy your fabric, sketch your designs, and complete your outfits… in five minutes.

The Business of Fashion comments on the state of Canadian fashion with new eyes.  To an outsider our self deprecation seems to betray a lack of confidence, a lack of awareness, or maybe just a lack of ambassadors? What do you think, is Canadian fashion really just about models?

Almost without exception… questions [about the Canadian fashion scene] were met with a slight shrugging of the shoulders and a resignation that the local scene is nothing to write home about. “There’s not a lot going on,” I was told over and over again. “Canadian designers lack the confidence to push forward their own ideas, choosing instead to be ‘inspired’ by major international designers.”

Finally, fashion blog karma for some of my outstanding incoming linkers.  Check out Almost PrettySew Stylish, and Operation Stitch.

Have a terrific weekend!

tfbb one – oh

tfbb 10 photo

Three days of fashion shows will do a blogger in.  Sleepy Sunday brunch was a great chance to chill and connect with some readers and friends.  Seated at the tenth TFBB table –

Sonja Andic of

Anita Clarke of I want – I got and blogTO

Danielle Meder of final fashion

readers Barry and Kasia

friend Melissa

Siya Chen of TOO Magazine

Susie Love of Susie Love Jewelry


draping demonstration

On August 25, during the Fashion and Design Festival in Dundas Square, I participated in a draping demonstration, live on the runway, with two other designers, Englebert Gayagoy and Katya Revenko. It was an incredible experiment to bring fashion design literally to the street.

The necklace I am wearing was an amulet of good luck from jewelry designer Susie Love, and the photographs are courtesy of John Cruz Photography.

Thank you everyone who came out for all the encouragement and cheers!


I started out by prepping my fabric, laying it flat on the runway and creating a bias tube. This killed my legs and back later, and at the time it was a bit nerve-wracking because the other designers were already pinning their designs on their dress forms. Meanwhile, it looked like I hadn’t even started.


What made it even more anxious was having no sense of time as I was working. I became so absorbed in the task at hand, it was hard to take in the entirety of the scene, with so many people watching me.

view from the runway

The view of the square, from the runway.


I finally got my bias tube on the dress form and now I’m wondering how much time has elapsed.


Stitching on the chains I brought for straps. The structure of the dress is a modified chiton, a classical Greek garment.


This is what I looked like from the VIP tent. I could see Andrew and Anita there, watching me and talking… what were they saying? What did this even look like? I am a bit too close to get a sense of perspective.


Hands shaking while I start the final element of the dress – suppression in the form of hand sewn tucks.


My hands were shaking hard… I kept dropping the needle and knotting the thread.


People in the crowd came up to me and asked questions and commented on the event. It was such a pleasant surprise to hear how interested and enthusiastic the audience was, whether they were into fashion or not.


Right here it starts to get really dark and clouds are hanging heavy over the square, but I’m not really fully aware of that – at this point I am totally focused on getting this dress finished.


The rain spurted on and off throughout the demo, not that I let it stop me.


At this point the dress is looking as I envisioned it, there is just a couple more tucks to go.


But heaven can’t wait and it started pouring. After an hour and forty minutes, the rain decided that my dress was done. Some of the FDFT’s terrific crew helped me pick my stuff up off the runway and covered the form with a plastic bag.


The dresses were displayed onstage during the Toronto Fashion Incubator show that evening. I was really happy when I saw it. I felt that I had made something beautiful.


Katya’s piece was really incredible, the skirt trailed off into the roll of fabric, and the scissors stabbing the back of the bustle really expressed the process of the event in an insightful way.


If anyone reading had the chance to see the event in person, I would love to hear your comments.

draping, live in Dundas Square

Today at 3pm at the corner of Yonge and Dundas in Toronto, a couple of designers and I will be draping live, on the runway.  For three hours we will be creating original designs on dress forms using cloth, scissors, pins and needles.  Fashion feat or fiasco?  Come down to the square and see the slowest show on earth for yourself.

Starting in the early afternoon, there will also be a ton of fashion shows from local fashion schools, and after the draping demo there will be a showcase of the best of the Toronto Fashion Incubator… it’s all part of the Fashion and Design Festival.

Lady Kit Kat’s cards

Just when I was beginning to contemplate the possible failure of my Fashion Moo Card business idea, I hit pay sugar and got my first client.

Not just any client either! It was the leader of Satan’s Candy Stripers herself, Lady Kit Kat. She knew exactly what she wanted and did not hesitate to make sure I remembered to draw a proper manicure and some cleavage. It was a little nerve-wracking working for such a glamourous, tempestuous client, who has personally dubbed me with my very own Satan’s Candy Stripers pseudonym – wait for it – Nerds.

Somehow I rose to the challenge and my fashion moo cards met with the Lady’s approval. Things are looking up for my little company – now my business is in the black and more people than ever are asking about fashion moo cards.

lady kit kat

Highwaisted Jeanius

jeaniusEarnest Sewn asks, “Are you a Jean-ius?”

To which I answer, yes, I am a jeanius.

They also want me to show how I would wear the high-waisted jean, so I drew this picture. To me, the new high waisted jean really is best worn as part of the venerated “Canadian Tuxedo” look. To emphasize the redundancy of this classic hoser-ista style, I added superfluous suspenders. I considered including the traditional plaid flannel shirt, but I decided that would look too ubiquitous.

See the full size image here.

You may want to vote for my entry here. For extra support, sign up for the social networking thing and your vote will count tenfold.

If you do vote for me, I could win 3 pairs of these high waisted jeans, and I would wear them a lot. Thanks!

TFBB Ten on Sunday


Please note the new place and time!  As always, all fashion bloggers and fashion blog readers are welcome.

What’s on tap?  The Toronto Fashion and Design Festival is happening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I will be covering the events for blogTO and also will be demonstrating draping on the main stage at Dundas Square on Saturday at 2pm.  Fashion feat or fiasco?  You get to decide if you come and see me do something I haven’t done since fashion school in front of Toronto’s busiest intersection.

Then you can come talk about it at brunch.

Plus… I’m not the only blogger from Toronto going to Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York… we’ll find out who else is going and plan to meet at Balthazar.  We promise to come back to Canada and dish next month.

The best of Toronto’s fashion blogging happens over eggs benny – if you want to pass the ketchup, please RSVP.

Carolyn’s fashion moo cards

Carolyn's fashion moo cards

My friend (and well manicured rock star) Carolyn has received and is distributing her custom fashion moo cards. These are little cards with your custom contact info, that I’m currently offering to illustrate with an original fashion figure to my client’s specifications. Carolyn volunteered to be my first client, helping me test and refine the process of ordering and creating the moo cards.

The original process of developing the illustration and the cards is here. There is not much in the way of changes.

One thing I didn’t include was the opportunity to choose the font and colour for the information on the back of the card:
moo card type choice

So I’ve made sure to include that step with future clients. I guessed that Carolyn would like typewriter (and I was right), but I don’t have the privilege of knowing all my clients that well.

The other thing I figured out is that I have to remember to get the clients to clearly sign off on the information they want on the card. I forgot to double check with Carolyn and I accidentally omitted her email address. In this day and age, what is the point of a card without a URL or email addy? So I apologized and bought her another set with the correction.

As for the illustration itself, it turned out okay and Carolyn liked it, but I did not do a good job of tailoring the proportion of the illustration to the cards. We came up with a solution, but given a second chance I would make Das Duchess Karolka better fit her intended media.

The other thing that we have discovered is that sometimes there is an extra shipping charge, and sometimes there is not. The first set of cards came with a COD fee of about $7, and the second one came without the fee. I’m getting to the bottom of this one, so until I figure out how that works, I think I owe Carolyn a few drinks for being such a tolerant first client. Thank you!

My second client Gail let me know that she just got her Moo Cards and is loving them; her custom illustration met rave reviews on Facebook. Still, so far my effort at micropreneurship is catching on very slowly. Do you or anyone you know want a personalized fashion illustration on a set of business cards, or on your facebook, or on your blog? Why or why not? Drop me a line at

Also, do you have any comments about fashion moo cards? I am open to all opinions, ideas, and challenges while experimenting with this little venture.

places to go, things to see

My moleskine is getting all filled up with deadlines, meetings, dinners and brunches, and of course events.  It means that I am not posting as much as I would like, but at least I am busy doing things I like to do.

Here is a couple excerpts from my itinerary that I am looking forward to.  If you are in Toronto why not come check them out too, and if you see me come say hello, I love meeting readers.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival – many terrific illustrators and storytellers here – free admission, panels and seminars.  I am planning on being there earlier in the day on Saturday and I will show up on Sunday too if I finish my projects before deadline.

Toronto Fashion and Design Festival – is being hotly anticipated by all of us fashion bloggers.  Lots of fun stuff going on including NOW’s Upcoming Designer competition and a live draping demo by designers from the Toronto Fashion Incubator (possibly including me… we’ll see) – plus I will be with the media.