After returning from New York I have a number of deadlines and projects that I have taken on, plus unrelated complications of city living. So I have been burning the candle at both ends for a bit.

I have no shortage of things I want to post about. I am happy but also a bit stressed out and exhausted.   Thanks for visiting and reading and understanding.

NYC Fashion Week editorial

One of the reasons I have not posted pictures from New York City yet, besides working all the time, is because many of the sketches I did in New York were for my second editorial, which is appearing in this weekend’s National Post.

National Post 16-02-08

You can click all of the images in this post to see larger sizes.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to do an editorial featuring the Canadian designers who showed their Fall 08 collections in New York City last week. I spent a lot of time at each show, before the show backstage, and during the show, collecting brief gestures, overheard remarks and other observations.

I feel overwhelmed to see that I have a whole page. I am very grateful to the editors at the Post for considering my work worth printing.

I also feel like I missed an opportunity in a way. All of my sketches of Jeremy Laing‘s designs were omitted, and the fashions – played second fiddle to a few off-the-cuff vignettes. What I wanted to be the main focus of the story – the designers and their collections – did not come across. I learned that it is important for me as an illustrator (and reporter) to participate in the layout stage.

The story is online today as well, but the images are not. I feel compelled to show the world what I worked so hard on last week, because I think it turned out well – I will do it Monday morning. The designers were all really nice and let me hang out and do my thing quietly in the corner, and it was a pleasure to watch them all working their big moment in New York.

Canada Catwalk

Danielle Meder, National Post Published: Saturday, February 16, 2008

CANADIANS IN NEW YORK: A FASHION WEEK SKETCHBOOK Last week in New York City, three Canadian fashion designers — Arthur Mendonca, Jeremy Laing and Rad Hourani — presented their visions for Fall 2008 to an international audience. All three share a gutsy determination to show the world what sets them apart. What sets them apart from each other is their distinctive styles and personalities. I went to New York City to see their shows, and I sketched my observations.

Buy Design for Windfall

Buy Design for Windfall

In January I got invited by Andrew Sardone to be part of the fabulous background at a Studio 54-inspired photo shoot.

Did you know that fake partying with fashion people is even more fun that real partying? We all just revel in seeing and being seen and uttering insincere exclamations ironically or not. Makes me think we should all fake-party more often.

The shoot was to illustrate the website and invitations for the Buy Design for Windfall gala party. Check out the site and see if you can recognize any fashion bloggers among the bright young things.

I did a couple sketches while I was there too. I love drawing pretty people in interesting outfits. Sometimes friends indulge me!

philip, marlene and sarah nicole

Philip, Marlene, and Sarah Nicole

NYC redux

Its okay – the plane made it back to Toronto just fine thanks to Stephanie.  I came back to a pile of correspondence and a couple deadlines, that is why a follow-up post is so long overdue.

Since the last post, I went to see Double Feature at the New York City Ballet.  It was amazing!  My generous hostess Joi brought me along and I am so glad she did.

Went to the Fashion Week Daily penthouse lounge with Steph, it was like walking into an apartment-sized gift bag.

I lingered at Arthur Mendonca and observed at Reem Acra.

After dinner with fashion school friends, we danced and drank it up at the Twinkle after party.

The last show I saw was Rad Hourani, a designer from Montreal with a strong point of view.  After that I flew back here.

If you want to see real pictures and commentary, check out The Fashion Spot and Coutorture.

Four days later I am still tired and still busy.

NYC update

Life is good and busy in New York City this week. There is lots to do and see. So far highlights for me are –

The Madame Gres Exhibit at the Museum at FIT. I am just in awe, it is incredible to observe the progression of a designer’s career presented with such care and gravitas. It is such a privilege to see the incredibly intricate works of art that Gres created herself.

A gorgeous presentation by Y & Kei at the New York Public Library. The runway was square, reflecting the shape of the atrium at the Library. An evocative soundtrack, knotted ponytails, silvery florals and structured wool jackets left a definite impression on me.


…adorable fall knits by Twinkle

…grids of Swarovski crystals at Jeremy Laing

dancing with the hipsters in a haze of cigarette smoke at the Alexander Wang after party…

…rich Russian fashions marching by at Terexov

…inexplicable bath-mat vests over pretty dresses at Iodice

waiting in an endless line of impatient people at Ports 1961… only to be turned away at the door… the combination of a guestlist too long and a damp crabby evening

… a great conversation with Jill of This Is My Lab

breakfast at BalthazarElaine’s cheesecakeJoe’s pizzaMurray’s bagelsDirty Bird roast chicken delivery…

… enjoyed observing a few Canadian fashion industry notables attending the tents for Cynthia Steffe… the clothes were just okay…

… exchanging a smile with Agyness Deyn and Coco Rocha behind the tent today!

There is still 2 more days full of stuff to do. Forgive the lack of sketchbookery, as soon as I come back to my scanner in Toronto I have a ton of material to work my way through.


Fashion Blogger Bruncheon in New York City

This time my fashion blogger brunch in New York was much better attended than the last one and just as much fun.  It was wonderful to get to know two new fashion blog friends – Elaine from I am a fashion designer. Gee and beauty maven Jennifer from Delush.  Plus its always a good time to enjoy a meal with my lovely hostess Joi and my traveling companion Stephanie.

As for my trip so far, things are terrific, there is never a dull moment, and I will have lots of sketches to show when I get back to my scanner in Toronto.

New York City bound


Image by Stuck in Customs used under Creative Commons license.

My sketchbook and I will be going to New York City tonight, if the weather allows.  I have a media pass to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and managed to navigate the invitation and RSVP process to go to some shows and parties.

I am also looking forward to checking out the Museum at FIT (maybe even meeting Valerie Steele for a second time), recruiting a few NYC bloggers for a bruncheon of some sort.   Best of all, I will be hanging out with my generous host Joi of Stereoette!  I will be munching on New York bagels and New York cheesecake.  I will be sketching everything I see.  I will be visiting my friends from school who are pursuing their dreams in the city that never sleeps.  I will be sharing the experience at the tents with so many dedicated fashion bloggers, from the crew at Coutorture, to fellow TFBBer Henna from Canadian Beauty.  My favourite thing about fashion week in New York City is being surrounded by so many people who have devoted their lives to this fashion thing.

It is an opportunity I am thankful to have – especially I have to thank Julie, for legitimizing blogger access to fashion week way back in ’05, to my friend Stephanie who is helping me with the logistics of flying, and of course to Joi for welcoming me into her Manhattan apartment.