The Clothing Show ticket draw

drawing the Clothing Show tickets

I got my boyfriend Ray to randomly draw the names from a hat for The Clothing Show ticket giveaway, under the objective scrutiny of my cat Mac.

Thanks everyone for entering.  I wish I had tickets for all of you!  You can still get tickets online for a mere $8 until tomorrow so please come even if your name is still in the hat!

Here are the winners…

Alexandra – she is coming all the way from Waterloo and shopping for unique accessories to add excitement to her summer clothes.

Janice – is an avid supporter of Canadian designers who will be checking out Dagg and Stacey, House of Spy and Passenger Pigeon.

Sana – is on the lookout for cute frocks and funky accessories.  She’ll be checking out P0isson, Kitsch Clothing and 69 Vintage.

Irene – asked me to come as her date!  So when Ray pulled her name out of the hat I decided that I’d take her up on her offer and also draw for the tickets that I’d set aside for myself.  Irene is planning on visiting her friend Jennifer at Paper People Clothing, and I’m just there to scope out the show and meet people.

The winner of the bonus tickets is… Barry.  He wants to buy stuff on the rare side ;)

I’ve left your names with the girls at the gate, so you can pick up your tickets whenever you show up to the show, either on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Have fun and buy lots!

The Clothing Show
May 2, 3 & 4, 2008
Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto

The Clothing Show – ticket giveaway

The Clothing Show Banner

The good people at The Clothing Show offered me 4 sets of free tickets to give away. The Clothing Show is a great big event that is a little bit like a mass sample sale, and a bit like a consumer trade show. Its a lot of fun for people who love clothes. It is also a terrific opportunity to meet a lot of local designers in person, and shop for some unique threads and great deals – especially at the very end of the show ;)

The Clothing Show
May 2, 3 & 4, 2008
Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto

Want a free set of two tickets? Leave a comment here – tell me your full name, and make sure you enter a valid email address. Also, please tell me what you’re shopping for, who you plan on taking with you, or if there are any vendors you’re looking forward to checking out. I’ll draw from the comments randomly on April 30 and post the winners here on Final Fashion.

three things

Rebekah at Stylist Stuff tagged me to share 6 unimportant items about myself… here they are in the order of least unimportance…

  1. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 21. It wasn’t as life-changing as I anticipated.
  2. Recently I watched the entire series of The Hills while doing paperwork. Oddly enjoyable – but not enough fashion content for my taste.
  3. I watched all nine seasons of ANTM in one month. This is not recommended.
  4. I occasionally enjoy eating at venerable establishments with the Grumpy Owl.
  5. My favourite radio shows are This American Life, The Splendid Table, and The Age of Persuasion.
  6. My cat Mac will bite you. You probably should not pet him.

Its harder than it seems to tell if something is important or not. If you want, tag yourself and find out.

I thought of tagging Auntie Fashion… just because Auntie is one of those anonymous bloggers that I keep trying to identify and I need all the clues I can get, no matter how unimportant. Then I thought better of it.

All I can glean is that Auntie probably lives in Toronto but is originally from another province, has a CV similar to Lucinda McRuvy‘s that includes both television hosting and writing. She hates Marc Jacobs and Tyra Banks. She loves Tom Ford and Simon Doonan. She is a good blogger – Auntie Fashion is a fun read.

Any guesses? I’ve got one. But even though I loathe anonymity on the internet, I am hesitant to post my guess. I like the work of the person I think it is.

Jay McCarroll

Anita and I are going to go watch Eleven Minutes at Hot Docs on Friday night. Watch the trailer to see the amazingness. Jay McCarroll‘s back and the stakes are higher! Instead of Tim Gunn, there is Kelly Cutrone! But mostly, a hundred and two minutes of Jay and the incredible New York City fashion contraption in action.

Tickets are cheap but the show time is really late.

Oh, and if you prefer Tim Gunn to Kelly Cutrone, he’s at the Elle Show on Sunday.

TFBB 16 – the last brunch

My idea of limiting seating for the last brunch was actually quite effective; every RSVP showed up, and there were no unexpected extras, making it a very manageable brunch. Roll call:

Danielle Meder – Final Fashion

Henna Singh – Canadian Beauty

Patricia Sheng – Luxual

Barry Freedman – fashion blog reader

Crystal Mason – TRENDS

Anita Clarke – I want – I got

Tiffanie Ing – Toronto Street Fashion

Zaigham Zulquernain – Week of Style

Topics of discussion ranged from New Labels anticipation, Project Runway Canada season 2 speculation, and whether Toronto really needs more hype.

It has been interesting to get some media attention and broader interest for TFBB; but recently it has been getting a bit challenging to manage. Some people come just to chat about fashion, and that is what we love, but sometimes it seems like people have other motivations for coming which aren’t so lovely. I guess it means that the brunch is popular, or perhaps by some measures successful. Popularity changes things, though. Now I find myself missing the days when the brunch was smaller and a bit off the radar, and the regular brunchers agree with me.

So I am killing TFBB.

Maybe not forever. It may be revived at some point. Someone else with better management skills might take over the organization of it someday. The brunch in its current incarnation is something I created, and so I can also destroy it.

Fashion bloggers will still get together in Toronto – we all have eachother’s email addresses and know how to use them. We have not lost our desire to meet new fashion bloggers and get to know our readers in person; and we will find new ways to do that.

It has been an incredible series of meals and introduced me to many new friends and opportunities. I want to thank everyone who has ever come to TFBB and who took part in a small phenomenon.

Thank you!

[FAT] redux

Toronto Alternative Fashion Week was intense and fascinating. Each night had a different theme and a vastly different vibe.

Daryl Banks took some terrific photos of the events and let me use a few of my favourites. See more pictures here.

The first night “Transitory Space” was kind of giddy.

Amie Scott gave us punny, punchy dresses that had the audience in stitches. Amie loved the laughter!

Naughty magpies strutted for Kirsty McKenzie, and there was some front row shenanigans going on too.

The models were gorgeous – all different and full of personality and easy vivacity – those girls you do double takes at when you see them on the streetcar. Girls like these ones.

The second night, “Urban Experiment” was super fun.

Babu et Moi (photo above left) brought rave to the runway and the audience to its feet – at the end everyone busted a move together.

Hipster peacocks strutted out of the pages of NOW Magazine.

Fellow Ryerson 06’er Rachel McGillivray showed an upbeat collection of kicky shorts and cropped jackets. Since I have not seen her since graduation, it was neat to see her grinning ear to ear when she took her bow.

The Deadly Nightshades movie was cute as hell and full of optimism and Jägermeister. Politics aside (thinking gives you wrinkles), the Nightshades bring something to fashion that is new and entertaining and I look forward to seeing where they pop up next.

Heidi Ackerman (photo below) took home the Beefeater award for a collection with a distinct point of view, full of designs that were desireable and somehow both rustic and luxurious at the same time.

Krane (below right) showed hard edged menswear with lots of zips which the front row loved.

The last day, “Conflict” was darker and finished the week off with a peculiar discord. Visual artist Katharine Piro (below left) was possessed as a zombie bride for Magdelina. The makeup was outrageous, amazing.

I loved the event overall and was left with a lot of strong impressions. Cheers to everyone who participated!

illustrations in Elle Canada

I’ve been working with Adrienne Butikofer on the illustrative aspects of her New Labels collection.  I’ve sewn a few seams too.  One of the many challenges was sponsored by Pays d’Oc – they asked each designer to submit an illustration for an ad in Elle Canada.

The brief was a bit unusual – to somehow incorporate grapes into Adrienne’s outfits – but we figured it out and our submission was picked for publication!  Thanks to the TFI, Pays d’Oc and Elle for the opportunity!

Pays d'Oc in Elle 04-08

See the illustrator’s edit under the fold…

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The Deadly Nightshades

I dropped into my old fashion school to pick up a ticket for Mass Ex and there they were! The Deadly Nightshades.

the deadly nightshades

Irene, Cat, Niamh, and Meaghan – Photo by Digital Fabrik

They’re a fashion-student bicycle-riding eco-head girl-gang. Back in the lab they were making matching outfits to wear to their film debut at FAT tomorrow.  I had to linger… I love fashion students… and girl gangs… and matching outfits.

I get a huge kick out of the Nightshades.  They’re rebellious and full of fun.  I can not wait to see their movie!  Fashion needs street fighters.

FASHION on the internet

Of all the fashion magazines based in Toronto, FASHION has really made the effort to establish a presence on to the internet this year. Not too long ago they launched a pretty impressive Myspace profile, linking up to stories on their website as well as directly to Canadian designer’s profiles. From their blog –

MySpace Fashion is the new black?

Perhaps. But we are definitely your source for exclusives from the best Canadian designers, magazines, stylists, models, shops, photographers, insider information from the industry’s best and your ticket to go behind-the-scenes at the best events and parties.

It is always a joy to see a such generous coverage of independent talent from a Canadian fashion magazine. Even if Myspace has not been the new black since 2006.

FASHION Reporter Search

Now FASHION is looking to add to their roster of bloggers with a contest that smells like crowdsourcing.

FASHION MAGAZINE is looking for 10 fashion bloggers across Canada. We want to hear about the fashion finds in your city or town, and share them with our readers. Winners of this exciting contest will become key players on our web site, reporting on the latest shopping scoop in their cities.

So the deal is, contestants submit their blog. 20 finalists are chosen, and FASHION’s readers get to vote for their favourites – ten finalists win a chance to blog about the shopping scene in their city on FASHION’s website. Ah, the fabulous life of a “pro” blogger. Is that all? No, the ten finalists also win a phone with 100 minutes from Virgin. And? The chance to win a trip to New York City.

Since writing shopping posts is not my thing I won’t be entering… but you can bet I will be watching, reading, and voting.

Sounds sort of like an internship right? You get bragging rights… and exposure? Perhaps.

If you are thinking of entering, here is a little tip, fashion blogger to fashion blogger. You better read the fine print.