its like the democratic primaries, with more boots

My boot design has made it into the top 20 of over 9000 entries. Thank you everyone for voting.

I’m getting a bit jaded with the whole thing and maybe you are too, but it is still within spitting distance of the top ten, so what the hey.

It needs a few hundred more votes to make it into the top ten. You can vote every 24 hours, so if you support my boot campaign, please vote again… and again… and again… It just takes a few seconds to vote. Thanks!

Have a great weekend!

multiple clicks

The irregular roundup of internet ephemera. Select the ones that strike your fancy.

But first… thanks to everyone who voted for my boot. I am just about to make it into the top 50! You can vote again every 24 hours… so please keep voting daily.


Gossip Girl! This show is the greatest. The characters are all vivid and funny, the story is suitably ridiculous, and the clothes are a huge part of the show. Wow, I never knew that a television show could be so amazing.


This article on, about all the style cliques of New York, is a lot of fun to look at. I wonder what Style Cliques we have in Toronto… I wonder which one I belong to.


It takes a bit longer to trickle down to the fashion blog level, but it seems like the economy is a point of conversation even we can’t avoid forever. Slate gives us the overview of where fashion goes when the going gets tough.

Zoe at Verbal Croquis, one of my all-time favourite fashion bloggers, is in the process of launching her very first season under her own label. She posts this insight on the economy from the position of a fashion entrepreneur.

Once, when I was little, the adults were talking one day about the economy “looking good”. I asked my dad what a “good” economy looked like. He said it looked like a diamond–a small percentage of rich people on one the top, a small percentage of poor people on the bottom, with a great many people in the middle. That image has always stayed with me.

When the economy “looked good”, diffusion or bridge lines cropped up everywhere. CK, D&G, DKNY. Contemporary pricepoints with a designer’s mark. Now, the economy doesn’t look so good. The middle class has shrunk and the diamond is now about as rectangular as the emaciated androgynous models that have taken over the runways. Now it’s all about designers striking deals with discounters like Target. O by Oscar is flatlining, but everyone is buzzing about Comme des Garcons for H&M, or whatever the pairing du jour may be.


One other economy link. My eyes glaze over when I read about the sub-prime mortgage crisis or whatever it is – it is never explained in a way that sustains my interest. This American Life opened my ears – The Giant Pool of Money is a brilliant piece of radio and worth more than one listen.


You know how far away from Queen West I am? I just finally discovered Shark Vs Bear. These days, you have not lived your 20s unless there are at least a dozen compromising photos of you on the internet. Its a bit embarrassing but also a modern rite of passage… such as it is.

You know what else is a rite of passage for us 21st century types? Cognitive dissonance. For instance, I often insist I am not an artist. I call myself an illustrator. And when people call me an artist I cringe because it makes me feel pretentious. Sometimes I even waste my breath explaining why I am not technically an artist. Now that is pretentious.

Hipsters, don’t scoff.


Ali Michael reveals she is battling an eating disorder in Teen Vogue. The story is fascinating and disturbing; even as we applaud Ali for coming out, we also admire her on her cover shoot and on the runway where she is sick.

Meanwhile Tyra Banks awards Whitney (a size 10ish) the title of America’s Next Top Model, amidst speculation that the whole thing had to be manufactured to be acceptable.

Sometimes it feels like the modern fashionable ideal is just as restricting and phony as any corset, yet it is completely internalized.


I have been enjoying Teen Vogue! Sonja gave me a copy and encouraged me to indulge, and I totally love the styling. Sophisticated fashion content and not boy crazy.

Teen Vogue just started a new fashion blog… Truc is one of the contributers so I am subscribing for sure… I miss Deeply Superficial.


A lot of us in fashion blogland became concerned when Agathe from Style Bytes stopped posting abruptly and without warning. Her final post suggests that she is staying in a sketchy hostel in Stockholm so like many readers and fans I worry.

The Coveted has found signs that Agathe is still online, it is a relief, but it still seems like all might not be okay. It seems so strange that she has abandoned Style Bytes for a month.


The Toronto Week of Style is coming up next week. The fashion shows are free to the public and feature clothing that is currently available in stores.


Fash Biz Bits…

Kira Plastina – she has her own fashion empire, her own shade of pink, and she is not even sixteen yet.

Martha Stewart – paints her Louboutin soles black with Sharpies.

Project Runway – now has new producers.

Australian Fashion Bloggers – are at Australian Fashion Week. World takeover complete.

Stylista – Another fashion reality show… one of the contestants is even a fashion blogger.


Without further ado, Fashion Blog Karma… a list of links to fashion blogs I discovered via incoming link, comments, or kismet. Thanks everyone!

Any One Girl

Mishka’s Blog

Wall Street by Day: Hardcore Crafter by Night

Pretty in Prints

The Style Observer

Experiments in the Lab

Blossom Clothing

Vote for my Doc Martens

1914 boot by Danielle-Meder

Those who have known me for a long time know that I got my first Doc Martens when I was 16 (they were 1460 quads – the chunky sole is oh-so-1998) and I wore them out with a good five years of continuous, daily wear. My second pair is a pair of red 1914s.

Dr Martens has an annual “brief” where you can design your own boot and I had an idea that I couldn’t resist submitting. Its a 1914 style called “colour puddle jump“. You can design your own boot too, and if you like my design you can vote for it.

Thanks for your support! Show me your boot and I’ll vote for yours too.

UPDATE – I am currently 73rd out of eight thousand some as of May 23.  I need a couple hundred more votes to get onto the main page.  You can vote every 24 hours, so if you would like to help support my campaign, please vote for it again.  Thanks so much!

Rags and Mags returns

Lucinda and Max have continued socializing and stylizing on Rags and Mags.

Carolyn and I lost touch with them for a bit due to our own jet setting lifestyles. We missed them, and if you did too our apologies! Now we are back on track dishing the inner thoughts of our favourite fictional friends, the rebel designer and the chief of the fashion police.

What is Mimi M. really up to? Will Max ever make any money? What secrets lie in Lucinda’s past? Where are all the best parties? Which designers are getting toasted in Toronto?

There will be some more Rags and Mags twists and treats coming up so we invite you to catch up on the story and stay tuned.

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Project Runway Canada Season 2

Project Runway Canada 2

Project Runway Canada comes back for a second season… and word is that Iman, Brian Bailey, Rita Silvan and Shawn Hewson are all returning too. Applications are here – deadline June 20.

It is on Global this year so I can watch it all at home instead of couchsurfing around! I love this show.

I applied last year and made it to the second level of auditions. This year I am not entering. If you are applying, make sure you read the forms carefully and watch the first season. Good luck to all the applicants!

**Two snippets of further info from the application form. One, the series may be shot in Ottawa this year! Two, the prizes have not yet been announced.

the late review – Everyone Worth Knowing

n143926Simon & Schuster slipped Lauren Weisberger’s Everyone Worth Knowing into the gift bags at Melinda-Mae Harlington‘s fashion show.

This book was amusing, but I did not find it satisfying. The story is not over the top enough to be camp or believable enough to identify with. The main character Bette drifts through the story without ambition or spunk. She is obviously wrong for PR from the beginning.

The author makes an effort to show a bit of the art of PR, but predictably, PR plays the villain. There are so many vivid characters and interesting conflicts in the world of public relations, I wish Weisberger had taken better advantage of the material.

P.S. The one really satisfying moment in this novel was the outing of an anonymous gossip blogger. :)

The Chick Advisor Shop Crawl

The third event in the series crawls farther west and features gifts, prizes, a party, and discounts at a select group of boutiques. Shop with the mavens who know how its done, it is way more fun that way.


Date: Thursday May 29th, 6-9pm followed by an after party

Tickets: $20 for ChickAdvisor members or $25 for non-members

Discounts: 20 – 25% off from West Queen West boutiques including: MODA, Girl Friday, Brazen Hussy, pho pa, COAL – Come Out and Live, Charlie, Balisi & Body Blue

Swag bags for each shopper worth over $60 as well as prizes at the after party.

blue dresses

My brief foray into my long-expired cheap tubes of watercolour was both fun and frustrating. I was getting excited to dip brushes into yogurt tubs and enjoyed the shaky lines, but at the same time the colours were muddy, the paints were lumpy, the brushstrokes showed, and the paper was not exactly right.

Sometimes I just need a little push like that. Finally getting the incentive to go to the art supply store and spend a little on nice paper, some practical studio materials, and a few tubes of quality paint to properly carry on the path I had begun; and with that investment made, my thrifty soul is now committed to figuring out how I will use watercolours to create fashion drawings.

As you can see I am no Stina Persson and never will be! I am still just figuring out how to control my strokes, how to understand the way that brushes and papers wick the water around. I still have not assembled a palette, so before I get overwhelmed with mixing materials, I did a little study of the different effects I could develop with just one colour.

blue dresses

Making masks and spraying or stippling… wetting the paper and dropping the pigment on top… using masking fluid, salt, sticks and sponges and variations on those techniques to make rows of little blue dresses. On different papers; hot press, cold, rough. Then freehand, with a pen and ink, I added awkward little arms and legs and faces, and then I dropped in some burnt sienna for hair and shoes. Some ended up cute, some ended up goofy, and some just did not work. See the whole set of three pages here.

I have been checking around the internet and looking at books, but I haven’t bought any yet. At this point I think it is enough to just work my way through some experimentation, both intuitive and systematic. I have realized that my previous painting work leans too heavily on drawing techniques rather than taking full advantage of using paint. Now, I am beginning to feel that if I approach it with the same dedication to research and practice that I did for fashion drawing, I will be able to incorporate it into my repetoire.

One site that I have found helpful is Handprint. Bruce MacEvoy’s site includes his own journals about his learning process, exhaustive research and testing of many paints and papers, and a fascinating analysis of watercolour artists’ palettes and books. I certainly can not afford to test as many materials as MacEvoy, nor do I have the same analytical temperament, so I am grateful for the his generosity and am taking notes.

Now I just have to do it, draw it, paint it, post it! At first my work is awkward. I have to get comfortable with new materials and new ways of seeing. But with persistence I will be able to bring life and ideas out of a bit of pigment, paper and water.  I am excited to keep trying!