sketch of a design by Sidney

Designs by Sidney HollowayTonight Sidney Holloway, a friend from school (class of ’08) dropped by with a kind donation of gently used art supplies. Hurray for nice watercolour pencils, chalk pastels, and paper – thanks Sidney!

Now that Sidney has graduated he has had the chance to do some travelling, and now he has returned to Toronto looking towards a new phase in his career. He has already worked with Julien MacDonald in London, and he presented his graduate collection at L’Oreal Fashion Week representing the Fur Council of Canada. I wish him all the best for whatever comes next.

As a very late birthday gift I did a drawing of one of his designs from the fur show, a fur vest adorned with Swarovski crystal fringe, over a metallic jacquard dress. Sidney loves sparkles.

dressing Miss Money Penny

My dear friend Miss Money Penny just released her debut album, Penny for your Thoughts. She has a wonderful warm voice and her enthusiasm and love of life shine through everything she does.

She asked me to help her create an outfit for her CD release party. I did something I only do for very special friends – I made her a dress. Right now, she is pregnant, voluptuous and glowing, and I wanted to make something that reflected her joyful personality, draped and flowed over her arms and legs and let her feel like the sexy soul star she is.

My dear friend and jewelry designer Susie Love is a lot like Penny and I was thrilled to be able to introduce them – Susie created Miss Money Penny’s jewels for the evening.

miss money penny

She looks and sounds sensational. Listen up!

pass the clicker box

Auntie Fashion tells me that I should spend less time on my needs – duly noted. Lets channel surf.

Rayanne Langdon somehow combines sincerity with public relations – and she’s a dynamo with the internet thing. Quite a nice combination of qualities, I’m looking forward to seeing more of her around fashion blogland and in Toronto.

This Agent Lover Paper Doll is adorable. I want to learn how to make “paper” dolls like that. Even better when the paper dolls come to life.

Meta Filter “discovers” an unusual species – Lady Bloggers. Who knew that friends had things in common? That fashion, personality, self improvement, branding, friendship and creativity are all somehow connected? The more you know!

The outfits are amazing, but what really stopped me in my tracks was the collaged images used for the Ostwalk Helgason lookbook. Thanks to Stylist Stuff for the tip.

Amazing use of GIFs in this creative shoot of Jeremy Laing‘s designs, by photographer Graydon Sheppard.

Tricia of Bits & Bobbins has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. A warm welcome to Poppy Beatrice!

As someone who spends a lot of time in my studio, I completely relate to studio-pride. No matter if it is a one-girl operation or a whole team – us creative-class types believe in making your space reflect your style both in art and business. For the extravagant version, visit This Ain’t No Disco, its Where We Work.

Eduard Erlikh is a fashion illustrator whose work exudes a quality of life drawing. His touch is really light, his techniques are classic but the attitude is of the times. Inspiring.

Magazine sales are flatlining. May the best of the best survive, there’s enough mediocrity on the internet for free already.

Michael Kamen composed my favourite score ever – Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. I love this interview with him, he exudes passion for his work that really comes through in this simple and emotional score.

Smart ladies I know are turning over new leaves before the leaves turn this year. Eden of Bargainista just launched the Community Divas podcast about her passion for online community building. Ali and the team at Chick Advisor is launching a redesign, and also they have created a whole new video series.

Kingdom of Style hands over the keys to Success in fashion blogging.

Along The Shore is an adorable East Coast Canadian fashion blog – its always nice to see more of those. I found her via incoming link, thank you BeccaJane!

Slave to the Square Wave – saw them live and loved them! Smart, sexy, danceable.

Saul Stienberg – inspiring, modern, brilliant illustration.

still playing cards

owl card backgroundI must stop saying this, but I miss blogging! My personal and professional life have been conspiring against my online life for far too long now and it looks like it won’t let up anytime soon. I ought to light the other end of the candle just often enough to keep my blog abandonment issues at bay.

In other news, I am busy working at whatever comes my way. While I am no longer publicizing the Moo Card project, I still have the occasional private client, and sometimes even some repeat customers. One is the lovely Gail, who recently launched

Another you can see on the left, created for The Grumpy Owl. We wanted to do something involving robots and owls and came up with a new playing card. Perhaps not a wild card, but if it comes into your hand, play it.

Want a custom image for your own business cards? Please drop me a line.

the late review – In and Out of Vogue

In and Out of VogueGrace Mirabella’s memoir In and Out of Vogue came to me courtesy of Nathalie Atkinson. Have a book you would like to see on the late review? Lend me a copy and I will get to it eventually.

Mirabella was the Editor in Chief of American Vogue in the 1970s – sandwiched between icons Vreeland and Wintour, her own contributions are somewhat overshadowed in the modern memory. Yet it is exactly this transitional position which makes this memoir a fascinating read.

Mirabella’s experiences offer a sense of how a leading fashion magazine struggles to maintain its position. Editors come and go – sometimes you are in, sometimes you are out. The insider’s view on Vogue’s daily business in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s is fascinating. Beyond the changing attitudes and the editorial personalities, Mirabella also describes the daily tasks involved in producing a fashion magazine. With a retail garmento background, Mirabella’s unique take on Vogue comes from the perspective of a working woman who thinks of herself as straightforward and practical.

As a memoir it is clearly intended to satisfy Mirabella’s need to have her side of the story on the record. Hirings, firings, and rumours are rife in the world of magazines. While Mirabella does her best to justify her own decisions, in the end she seems less like a heroine than an ordinary woman.

Her two greatest positions both ended in a disappointing way – being fired from Vogue and then watching as her eponymous magazine slipped away from her original vision. Mirabella sometimes hesitates to trust her intuition – she adopts a “wait and see” attitude, and leans on others to make decisions. Eventually this unraveled her ambitions. That said, her great qualities are a strong vision of modern women, humility, a sense of caring and respect for her readers, and a healthy work ethic. Her story offers lessons for all women with careers – both what not to do, and what to do.

here I am – hear ye

Yes I am still alive, just off working on other projects. Missing Final Fashion and Rags and Mags and all of you. Catching up on the internet after quite the week.

Here is some news…

I will be visiting New York City for fashion week again, September 5-10 with Fierce Bambi and Big Red of The Deadly Nightshades. New York readers, I want to see all of you when I come down, I will be setting up a New York brunch as always.  Of course I will also be attending as many events, shows, and fashion destinations as I can.

Are you living in NYC or visiting at the same time? Email me and lets meet up.

Here is an announcement – I have finally created a real portfolio website. Please take a look.