the new Toronto Fashion Bloggers

I got stopped in front of the Studio tent at Fashion Week after the League of Lovers and Thieves show.  It was Stefania, the blogger behind Toronto’s sweet new street style blog, Textstyles.  I have an abiding fascination with meeting new fashion bloggers, so after she took a photo of me standing with Matti Bygod (who is a way better dresser than I am), we chatted for a bit.  She told me that there was going to be a blogger brunch happening after fashion week on Sunday and promised to send me an invitation.

Those who have been following Final Fashion for a while will remember that I “hosted” a series of 16 fashion blogger brunches, and that my fascination with fellow fashion bloggers is matched by my great love of the meal of brunch.  I met a great many new friends at the TFBBs, we were covered in various publications, and it got a little too popular.  So when Stefania sent me the invitation, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to brunch with a whole new crew.

the new TFBB

Thanks to Anthea’s mom for taking the photo!  From left to right:

Marta from With Love…

Anthea from Clothesline Finds – she was visiting from Vancouver, volunteered at fashion week, and the brunch was her idea.

S. from Modern Guilt

Ashleigh from Rantings of a Fashion Addict

And me, Danielle from Final Fashion.

These girls are all first and foremost what I would describe as personal style bloggers – they belong to the Susie Bubble school of outfit posting.  As such they have very cute outfits, know their poses, and have lots of interesting opinions on clothes.  I like fashion bloggers and these girls are no exception – adorable all of them.

I was a bit surprised that none of them knew about TFBB.  A bit self-important of me to think I guess!  It was interesting getting new takes on the subjects we share in common – how to deal with PR pitches is a perennial favourite.  Anthea was the only other blogger at the brunch who had attended fashion week – she had an different point of view as a backstage volunteer and her mom had a few comments on attending as a visitor.  It is incredibly refreshing to hear a new perspective from outsiders, so often it feels like in Toronto we get caught in our own echo chamber.

I have made so many wonderful friends from the brunches, this one got me quite sentimental for meeting new bloggers and talking about fashion over coffee and eats.  I often get people asking me to revive TFBB, and I think that perhaps the brunches are ready to start again whether I put it together, or someone else does.

BONUS – Links to bloggers who attended LFW

Know of any Toronto (or Canadian) Fashion Bloggers I haven’t met yet?  Please leave links in the comments!

L’Oreal Fashion Week – rappin’ it up

L'Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009

Cheers for another remarkable L’Oreal Fashion Week.  The general sense I got this year was that our designers are presenting better collections than ever, and the press and audiences have never been more engaged.

Coutorture has been collecting images from fashion weeks worldwide, and Toronto’s is in there too.  My top two this season happen to be from the Montreal contingent.  Both Renata Morale‘s twisted pleating and Denis Gagnon‘s tortured jerseys brought me to my feet.

The home team brought it too.  See all the collections by clicking on “photos” here.


Of course it wouldn’t be fashion week without the politics sitting like elephants and donkeys in the front row.

There was the infamous speech – not just that one either.  Apparently we also paid for an expat to come dismiss our fashion scene for us at the Holt Renfrew media cocktail – this statement is an aggregate of other people’s impressions, I missed it.  Finally there was Phillip Bloch unenthusiastically introducing designers at the LG Fashion Fusion afterparty.  (edited; see comments)

Why do we have so many speeches and so few good ones? How complicit are we as an audience allowing keynotes to drag rather than inspire?  Am I the only one who can think of several remarkable speakers from Canada and abroad who would energize the audience, for a fraction of what it costs to keep Bloch in cashmere?  Or do we even need to have speeches?


Which members of the media did a great job this week?  Applause for Glen Baxter, Andrew Sardone, David Livingstone and Nathalie Atkinson, not only for attending practically every show, but for giving us thoughtful and enthusiastic coverage.  Who left their seats open for enterprising F-Listers and bloggers?  Anyone can check slideshows on the internet and come to their own conclusions – the engaged audience for coverage of Canadian fashion expects a lot more from our experts.


Last and least, the Anonymous emailer was back in our inboxes again.  It is old news now and as such is unfashionable to discuss – but the petition continues to collect a few signatures.  Is there anything more futile than an internet petition?  Regardless the identity of the petitioner, I don’t believe that this initiative has the power to change anything.

I would rather look to the friends and supporters of the lady in question – if she can be encouraged to accept that she does have “a problem in her life”, with genuine caring for her well-being and respect for what she has accomplished, then perhaps she herself can be persuaded that “apparently something has to happen”.  There are only a few individuals who can change this.  They know who they are.


Finally, on a lighter note, Max Velosse presented her sophomore collection in the tents… “Under the Influence” …lets just say that it was flippin’ fabulous.

L’Oreal Fashion Week – effin’ it up

L'Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009

After the circus that is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, Toronto’s own L’Oreal Fashion Week is just as comfortable as flat shoes.  Sure, there aren’t as many shows and it isn’t as big a deal, but on the bright side, there aren’t as many shows and it isn’t such a big deal.  “Fabulous” is the word they picked, but I’ve been shortening it to Eff, in case you wondered.

Every year it really does get a bit better than before.  This year the tents are grander, the organization makes more sense, and best of all, the designers are stepping up their game and putting on shows worth talking about.  There is a palpable sense of excitement for this season – and it isn’t for the tents or the show producers or the politics – we have all been tracking the growth of our designers and we are just so hyped to see what they bring to the stage.

I’ve only seen a few shows so far but without a doubt it was Joeffer Caoc‘s “Nude” collection that has really resonated with me.  The collection exuded a sense of confidence and identity that was inspiring to watch.  I’ve seen a few of Caoc’s runway shows, but for the first time I felt like I understood the essence of his vision.

The successful shows are the ones that tapped into that sense of personality and vision in a designer.  After Evan Biddell‘s inevitable post-Project Runway Canada anticlimax last season, this year his collection was more personal and less bravado, and left an impression on the runway.

Others that hesitated in the name of wearability, or didn’t progress from the season before, left something to be desired.  I feel like it is a time to be brave as a creator, to aim high and act instinctively and I applaud the designers who are making L’Oreal Fashion Week an exciting place to be.


Ok enough preamble!  Here are the linky little tidbits I want you to check.

Philip Sparks is on the Forbes Magazine website!  Just a month ago Philip and I were sitting in Bryant park reading Forbes together.  This is what it feels like to know the next big thing first.  Cheers for Philip Sparks!

Contrasting online fashion week coverage, depending on your preferences.  Feeling cynical?  Read Sarah Nicole’s updates at the Torontoist.  Feeling cheerful?  Read Daniel Wilson’s updates on Toronto Street Fashion.

Rags and Mags selected a winner for the Dress Lucinda contest – Brook Alviano‘s designs adorn Lucinda on Day Two.  Don’t forget to get Lucinda’s inimitable point of view on Day One too.  Stand by for even more.  Also, there is a very special Rags and Mags giveaway happening in the tents for a very select group of individuals… lets just say it is a sticky one.

Auntie Fashion says she’s drawing me at fashion week but so far she won’t show it!  Also, I wasn’t naked so she must have been drawing someone else by mistake.

Professional pictures of the entire collections at L’Oreal Fashion Week are available with blogger-friendly terms thanks to Coutorture. I will be posting my favourites on the weekend.

Also, one newspaper fashion editor sums it up faster and finer than anyone else in the tents – Nathalie Atkinson gives LFW complete coverage on the Ampersand.

dj gail

Finally a picture of lovely DJ Gail from the TFI Party on Monday.  Air kisses until next time, I’m going out to Evan Biddell’s after party tonight and it is going to be Eff.

fashion week functions

L’Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto starts tomorrow!  I don’t have a client for coverage this week, so I won’t be attending officially this season.  Instead I am working through some other client projects in the studio, though I will be attending friends’ shows and putting in the occasional appearance for Rags and Mags.  I will post as many sketches as I can manage between obligations.

There are quite a few highlights happening this week that deserve a shoutouts – Toronto has a lot of tip top talent, happening scenes, and stylish folks celebrating “fabulous”… catch what you can.

NOW Magazine’s hero-maker, Andrew Sardone, anoints this season’s style crusaders.  From Brooklyn Brownstone to Tommy Ton to Christopher Sherman to The Deadly Nightshades, Andrew selects the ones worth tuning your radar to.

What afterparties are worth saving energy for?  After much email discussion three parties rose to the top as the most desireable – The TFI Party at The Drake Hotel on Monday night featuring DJ Gail, Evan Biddell’s afterparty at the Burroughs Building on Wednesday featuring Fritz Helder, and the LG Fashion Fusion party on Saturday at the tents featuring Maroon 5.  Good luck getting on those guest lists!

I only get to see a few shows – the ones I am looking forward most to include Zoran Dobric, Morales, and my friend Janet Hill‘s runway debut.

On Saturday, I am also looking forward to attending the Brunch and Post-Fashion Week Panel at The Drake Hotel, as well as the Holt Renfrew Canadian Designer Appearance on Saturday afternoon, where Jeremy Laing, Greta Constantine and others are on hand to preview their spring collections and answer questions.

Want to come to fashion week?  There is still one day left to enter and win tickets for Tuesday from Rags and Mags, or win tickets for Thursday from Final Fashion.  If you are coming to fashion week, keep an eye out for me – you won’t be the only one.

inside New Labels

If you are an emerging designer in Toronto interested in getting guidance from industry insiders and lots of press and exposure, check out New Labels.  More than a competition, it mentorship for the most promising designer-entrepreneurs.  Next week during L’Oreal Fashion Week there will be a special seminar for a lucky few designers.  There are still some spots left.  From the press release:

New Labels

TFI New Labels® seminar

This season L’Oreal Fashion Week is Fabulous!  In addition to the 40+ runway shows, the Toronto Fashion Incubator will be presenting its annual TFI New Labels® seminar in the Fashion Environment tent, Nathan Phillips Square, at 2:00pm Friday, October 24th 2008.  Guest speakers include designer David Dixon, National Post fashion writer Nathalie Atkinson and 2008 TFI New Labels® winner Eugenia Leavitt.

Tickets for the TFI New Labels® seminar are available for $25.00+GST and can be purchased online. For tickets and event information, click here

Dress Lucinda and win tickets for L’Oreal Fashion Week

Rags and Mags is giving away a pair of L’Oreal Fashion Week day passes for Tuesday, courtesy of The F-List.  Designers showing on the runway that day include Nada and Joeffer Caoc.

Want to double your chances to win a pass?  Here’s what you need to do!

Put together a collage of clothes and accessories from your favourite Canadian designers – make sure it is a complete outfit and appropriate for October in Toronto – and send your style creation to by October 19, with “Dress Lucinda” in the subject line.

If Lucinda picks your outfit, you will win a pair of passes to the L’Oreal Fashion Week tent in Nathan Philips Square for Tuesday October 21! Plus, you will get to see Lucinda wear your outfit.

Please note that as L’Oreal Fashion Week is a licensed event, you have to be over 19 years old to accept the prize. The winner will be notified on October 20 by email. Good luck to all!

L’Oreal Fashion Week ticket giveaway

It only happens twice a year… and next week, Nathan Philips Square in Toronto will once again host L’Oreal Fashion Week featuring talented designers from all across Canada.

The F-List has generously offered Final Fashion a pair of passes for Thursday October 23rd to give away.  Thursday’s lineup features shows by Evan & Dean, BODYBAG by Jude, Morales and others.

Want to win a pass for yourself and a friend?  I will be drawing randomly from the comments on this post on Monday October 20.  To qualify, please leave a comment with your full name and real email address, make sure you are over 19 (sorry kids!  licensed event), and name your favourite Canadian designer.  Bonne chance!

one click is never enough

Welcome to my irregular review of what I find worth a click on the internet.

Viktor & Rolf SS09 with Shalom Harlow

Take your front row seat at Viktor & Rolf… a lovely internet presentation of their Spring 09 line starring gorgeous Shalom Harlow.

Heads up Chicago and Indianapolis – Julian Roberts is on tour and coming to your lucky cities.  A day subtraction cutting with Julian will earn my envy… if you go please report back!

The Toronto Fashion Incubator newsletter for September/October is out – the editors have the inside story on what is going on in Toronto fashion and it is free.

Want to see more pictures of Indigo Planet?  Check out this massive recap post on the Inside Rainbow blog.

Having just spent 2 weeks doing it, I can assure you that destroying denim is not as easy as it looks.  I liked this photo essay on a denim detailing factory, found via Ironic Sans.

Fellow TFBB‘er and entrepreneur Patricia Sheng of Luxual has recently launched Luxual Boutique.  She offers luxurious, eco-friendly casual clothing – and Canadian customers get free shipping.

The original street style photographer, Bill Cunningham, has some wonderful photo essays on the New York Times website.  I love this one about the lengths ladies go for legs and high heels.

Tommy Ton brings us the best of the streets of Paris during fashion week, photographing what he loves best and posting it on Jak & Jil. He also recorded Susie Bubble‘s outfits for fashion week in Paris.  Lucky bloggers!

Seen The Selby yet?  Incredible studios and apartments and the people who live and create in them

Two videos peer over my shoulder while I’m sketching – and yes, I hold my pencil weird.  Check out Inside Fashion (3:23) and Chic Inspector on Youtube (0:30).

Sometimes I feel bad about being behind on so many posts.  I never run out of ideas, only time.  This post justifies slow bloggers like me.

Illustration Links:

  • Daisy de Villeneuve – one of the panelists who chose my Doc Martens and an incredible fashion illustrator too!
  • Gi Myao – another UK illustrator with a charming, naif-style.
  • Anna Goodson is an illustrator’s rep from Montreal with an impressive internet presence and an admirable roster.

Canadian Fashion Links:

Fashion Blog Karma:

  • Ali-bell – adorable Australian sewing blog
  • 69 Vintage – Toronto vintage boutique now blogs
  • JacquieShambles blogs fashion and art in Toronto, and looks cute doing it.
  • “le smoking” – pithy thoughts and pretty pictures from Rea
  • Doe Deere – I used to read Xenia’s old site Limecrime and loved the makeup tutorials – so happy to find her again!
  • Papergown – she sews and makes her own patterns.

lipstick hat

Me at Susie's Hat PartyHere is a picture of me wearing a hat I created at Susie Love‘s Surrealist Hat Party.  It was named the Lipstick Hat and was made of a magazine advertisement and some seafoam tulle.  I had intended originally to make a subtle fascinator out of feathers, but somehow the exact opposite happened.  I never wear lipstick, so another party-goer kindly lent me hers to finish the look. How unexpected.

We all sat around Susie’s kitchen table and cut, glued, sewed, and created all sorts of hats.  What a wonderful idea for a party.  See all the pictures here – the hats are all adorable, whimsical, fun.  In particular, I must give a shout out to the very meta Hat Hat worn by Joel Garten.

After our hats were finished, we went gallery hopping and created quite the scene.

Susie now has her own website!  It is a pleasure to welcome her to the wonderful world of the internet – she’s already blogging and an Etsy store can’t be far behind.

Indigo Planet

photo by Raymund Galsim

I had such an amazing time at Over The Rainbow on Saturday night.  So many people came by to visit and chat about Indigo Planet – that is right, it is a planet created out of old jeans – smocked, bleached, sanded and otherwise destroyed to create detail and texture.

I was also sketching with watercolour pencils all night – drawings of shoppers and staff on postcards.  Every sketch turned out great – it is such a rush when that happens.  Every subject loved their mini portraits.

Friends and family came by too, even readers like Andrea.  It was so nice to see everyone.  I am so grateful and happy to have had such an unusual, fun job.  Thanks again to Joel, Tatiana, and everyone else who helped make this project come together so beautifully!

Photographer Raymund Galsim dropped by and took some great pictures.   Here I am with some of the terrific Over The Rainbow team – Veronica, Daniel, (me) and Genia.

photo by Raymund Galsim

It was a bonne nuit!

BONUS:  Lots of close-up photos and more at the Over The Rainbow blog.