Dress Lucinda and Max for the Holidays

Cool prizes for talented stylists!  Dress Lucinda and win a copy of The Collection, dress Max and win a Dido gift bag!  Plus see your outfit illustrated and get your name dropped on the Toronto’s drama-packed fashion gossip blog, Rags and Mags.

All you have to do is assemble a character-appropriate outfit collage using clothing from Canadian designers (don’t forget the accessories!) – or if you’re a designer, sketch your outfit idea (don’t stress – your entry will be evaluated on the design not the drawing).  Entries are due December 5th.  See details here.

new Vidal Sassoon haircut

Vidal Sassoon haircut Nov 08

My last Vidal cut was getting pretty shaggy (though I loved how well it grew out) so I popped in and signed up to be a volunteer head of hair for the creative cutting class.  Free haircut!  My student was Kelly from Chicago and she gave me a pretty striking, gutsy cut.  Its a little bit boyish and I like that.  They’re still looking for volunteers for free haircuts next week, call Margo at 416 920 0593 for details.

OCAD Whodunit?

This year I was recruited to contribute to OCAD’s “Whodunit?” fundraiser.  I am not an alumni but I thought, “why not?” and contributed.  I popped in last week to check it out and saw lots of amazing small works of art.  I took photos of a few I would classify as “fashion illustration” that I liked.

OCAD whodunit

I have no idea who the artists are.  I especially liked #851, it has a lot of sass.

OCAD whodunit

This post is too late to encourage you to go down and buy some art – oops, my regrets.  I still don’t know if my pieces sold or not.  Maybe you can pick out one of mine in this photo.  It is a grand idea for a fundraiser and worth participating in or attending next year.

Black Sunday Brunch

black sunday brunch

After last month’s post-fashion week brunch, I was urged by the TFBB regulars to consider reviving the fashion bloggers brunch.  This Sunday marks the weekend of “Black Friday” sales and “Buy Nothing Day” and as such seems like an appropriate date to talk fashion, blogging, and shopping (or not shopping).

There are 10 seats only at this brunch; an RSVP is mandatory and attendance will be taken =) Fashion bloggers only please!

Register here.

click post – the You Rock edition

Welcome to the latest installment of the click post – the irregular roundup of online findings both local and international.  Today’s theme is courtesy of Anthea from Clothesline Finds, who nominated me for the prestigious “You Rock Award”.  Thanks Anthea – and congratulations on graduating!

My mission is to list six things that make me happy – and since I’m folding this into a click post, with links.

  1. Jay McCarrol and Jay McCarroll.  I am a huge fan of both of these guys, and this week I heard a story that made me squeal with delight!  It involves an absurd fashion design contest, burlap, Michelle Obama, a Ryerson fashion student, and an awkward situation for former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown.
  2. Being named one of FASHION Magazine‘s online editor Jennifer Campbell’s favourite blogs in an interview on Masthead.  Jennifer has really made an effort to reach out to bloggers online as well as recruiting fashion bloggers to write on FASHION’s website.  Its a thrill to know that she’s reading – though I’ll gladly concede that her favourite is Auntie Fashion.
  3. 15 Minutes (’til last call) – is a “hyper-reality” television show featuring Toronto’s own Jack of Clubs Matt Sims and his upstart rival Cory Stewart.  I went to see a preview screening of the pilot at CiRCA last week – wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was laugh-out-loud hilarious.  The two leads were extremely charismatic in person and I was left wanting to see more.  I hope some smart entrepreneur figures out how to deliver this.
  4. Simon Says.  In life… we have a choice.  I think you’ll make the right decision.
  5. Using my new USA-made cast iron pan to make delicious food like the miraculous Dutch Baby and fry up my Spatzle in butter until its crispy-chewy.  While its blowing cold outside and snow’s coming, there’s nothing like comfort food from the old country to warm you up from the inside.
  6. Wearing my new Skinny Sweats from my fashion designer friend Adrienne Butikofer!  I haven’t owned a pair of sweatpants in years – knit pants always seemed a bit indecent to me – but somehow the Skinny Sweats manage to be comfy, cute, and decent too.  Perfect for hanging out in the studio.

Now the rules of the You Rock award is I get to tag some more rockin’ bloggers to share six things that make them happy too.  Its Fashion Blog Karma time!  I’d like to nominate –

quoted in FASHION

FASHION Magazine Winter 09I was quoted in “Fashion Bytes” by Andrew Sardone in this winter’s issue of FASHION.

The article’s subtitle is “It’s a brave new blogging world” and I was asked about fashion blogging.

The industry might still be evaluating the blogging spectrum, but for the bloggers their arrival on the fashion scene is old news.  “At first, being a blogger was a curiosity because there were so many media stories and there was a certain level of scrutiny, but that has tapered off,” says Final Fashion’s Danielle Meder, who attended her third New York season in September.  “Now I get to be just another face in … standing room.”

Its a great read with a lot of sharp quotes and a several anonymous blind items, so go buy FASHION Magazine and enjoy!

For those who might enjoy a few more of my comments from my interview with Andrew that didn’t make it into the article, check below the fold.

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fashion life drawing


69 By the Pound (at 1234 Bloor Street West, downstairs) is now holding weekly fashion life drawing on Wednesday nights from 7-10. This is the brainwave of Irene Stickney – who in addition to being a Deadly Nightshade by night is weighing pounds of wacky vintage frocks by day.  Instead of naked models we get tipsy exhibitionists trying on the most outrageous garments they can find in the store.  This week’s model was Filipe who was a great model while still being hard to please – he didn’t like this sketch because I didn’t draw his jeans skinny enough.  Fair, I still think its an OK sketch for a weary Wednesday night.

Speaking of The Deadly Nightshades, everybody’s favourite fashion bike gang is now somebody’s favourite fashion bike gang to hate. That is right, the ladies in turquoise polyester have inspired their very own rival bike gang – The Friendly Lampshades.  If rivalry isn’t proof of notoriety I don’t know what is.

remembering Fashion sCares

Pastel SupernovaIt has been well over a week since Fashion sCares so by now you can see a lot of great recaps and photos all over the internet.  (Including Max and Lucinda‘s own takes on the evening.)

I enjoyed myself very much at the show – costumes this year were better than ever, macabre and dark and over the top.  I saw lots of inspiring things to illustrate but my energies went in other directions this week.

The one doodle that developed into something lovely is a sketch of Pastel Supernova from Fritz Helder and the Phantoms.  They opened the show and their costumes were so graphic and awesome they just screamed to be drawn.  They were styled by the very talented Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil.  They all had these amazing makeup jobs, swarovski crystals affixed to their heads giving them skull-faces.  Pastel in particular looked so cute in her paper-doll dress, knotty ponytail and pointy boots, and she always poses for maximum effect in pictures.

All of the performances and fashions were wonderful to watch.

For myself, I took the opportunity to dress up seriously and got a bit out of character – I’m usually very low-maintenance, so when I get myself up on high heels, contact lenses and hairspray, even my friends do double takes.

The costume was from my school days – my only avant garde piece.  I did bring along the spine and ribs, but it was too heavy to wear to party so I left it in coat check.  It is fun to be dressed up but I couldn’t wait to pop out the contacts and switch to flip-flops in the cab ride home.

I’m leaning back in the picture because Anita is poking me in the eye with her horned mask.  She asked me to make it for her based on this picture of Grace Jones, and I think for a improvisation the mask turned out very well.  Thanks so much to Gail for taking the picture and letting me use it. We had a great time!

Me and Anita at Fashion sCares

Strut Productions Inc.

Strut Productions Inc.

Toronto fashion designer and Project Runway Canada favourite Lucian Matis has been showing for three seasons now – and this season for the first time his distinct brand of hyper-feminine fashion is available across North America.  Besides Matis’ talent and charisma, this accomplishment is a credit to Strut Productions.

Compared to the many talented independent designers struggling on this continent, there are very few entrepreneurs handling the sales and promotions end of the problem, and Jaime and Sabrina at Strut saw the need in that niche.

Strut’s services include event coordination, marketing, public relations, sales representation, branding, identity services and graphic design.

Strut’s primary objective is to nurture and expand the fashion, arts and culture scene in Canada. We have forged trusted relationships in these industries of expertise both locally and internationally, assembling a network of media, industry professionals, designers, artists, models, stylists, buyers, and event partners. These relationships provide each client with a strong campaign, targeted to their specific niche market.

For more information visit www.strutinc.com.

Jaime and I share a mutual friend – talented photographer Caitlin Cronenberg – and we had the pleasure of meeting up during L’Oreal Fashion Week to talk shop.  We both share a similar type of client – North American fashion designers in their first few seasons – and we provide complimentary services.

So I am pleased to be a part of Strut Productions’ network.  This is new territory for me and I’m excited to be able to combine forces with Jaime and Sabrina and find new opportunities for our clients and eachother.