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A word from… is a monthly news post contributed by the sponsors who support Final Fashion.  All of my sponsors are intrepid entrepreneurs with a lot of personality, and I encourage you to check out what they are doing and making.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please get in touch!

Because of the holiday schedule, there are two sponsor posts this December, in case you were wondering.

Darlene from Bijouxbead says…

I am planning on launching an online shop on my website early in 2010.

Crystal from Fashion Crimes sends this…

Michelle from Shopgirls says…

Feeling the post-holiday bloat?  Do not fret, Yoga Jeans will nip and tuck all your bits and still fit after you shed those extra pounds.  No need to pull out your fat clothes, simply drop by Shopgirls and we’ll take care of it!  Shopgirls carries the largest selection of Yoga Jeans which are now also available on-line at

Snow Queen production photos

Since I posted about the process, I have received a small tantalizing taste of the Snow Queen production photos.  This is dynamo Jacqueline Lopez in the costume Ray and I made. She played the title character and also co-wrote and produced this premiere production.  The small boy Kay, below, was played by a tremendous young actress Skye Nadon.  The photography is by the multi-talented Dianne Eastman.

click click – 23-12-09


Welcome to Click Click, the once-again-regular roundup of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

  • Nirvana the Band the Show has a DVD and it is full of goodies.  I’ve mentioned these guys before – they are hilarious.  If you love comedy and music you should check them out.
  • Gala Darling’s Love & Sequins podcast #7 is all about making a go of it as an independent blogger and is well worth the $12 for encouragement and reality checks from a kind, generous voice of a successful blogger and freelancer.  I also really enjoyed #2 about entrepreneurship.  Gala’s experiment with premium content is pretty inspiring.  She also has episodes on personal style, self-love, manners and happiness – I haven’t purchased these ones – if you need a boost in those areas, try it out.
  • Here is a treat for those of us who have been following the Danier Design Challenge (as I have) – comments from the judges on each of the finalists. Valuable insights within for fashion students or anyone who designs for a discerning audience.
  • Fashion Students Online interviewed me about my career.  It is worth signing up to read the whole thing – not just because I offer some very candid comments on my experiences – but also because there are tons of other great interviews and posts to read.

Fashion blog karma for friendly linkers and commenters…

  • Trendhunter“Trend Hunter is a source of inspiration for industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the insatiably curious.”
  • CHEEK Magazine“your daily slap of CHEEK, dishing out updates on news, living, fashion and style for all of you pop culture obsessors.”
  • Marian Kihogo“a comprehensive fashion, beauty, music and art Web site. Offering up to the minute catwalk, fashion & trend reporting.”

pretty package for Evey’s gift

pretty package

My family is not big on gifts or gift wrap, so I was quite pleased with myself when I had this modest packaging accomplishment for a gift of girly accessories for my niece – barrettes and fun purple plastic jewelry, Ickle Baby Baff Bombs from Lush, and a marabou boa from Fashion Crimes.

The illustration is in marker – and the wrapping paper is repurposed from the tissue the marabou came wrapped in. It just has a picture of Evey on it because she’s not yet two and can’t read, and the word “pretty” in purple because those are words she likes to say. Its fun to say – pretty in purple.

By the way, Fashion Crimes is a sponsor of the site, and they’ve got a pre-Christmas sale on for everyone – 25% off. Perfect for girlies.

paper doll contest winners

I challenged photoshoppers with game to have a little fun with my paper dolls for a chance to win a book.  Here’s what they came up with:

Congratulations to Elisa!  I loved the outfit which is chic, and how you mixed up three different designers, and how you credited the designers using a background. Thank you for entering, you win a book.

Jessica created this look inspired by her intern, Kate.  I love how it looks like Kate and mixes up three different designers, including Jessica herself – ! Thank you for entering Jessica, you win a PDF.

Sumidha J made a talking dolly, who is a dedicated follower of fashion, and incorporated a background and complimentary outfit. Funny and cute. Thank you for entering Sumidha, you win a PDF.

Andrea mashed up a number of pieces from different designers and customized them into her own outfit, which is above and beyond!  She mixed it up by chopping the bottom off of a Jessica Biffi onesie, and a t-shirt cut from a full length gown by Brandon Dwyer, dyed blue. Thank you for entering Andrea, you win a PDF.

Monica also had fun mixing it up even more.  I laughed out loud.  Thank you for entering Monica, you win a PDF.

fashion illustrated – Mark Fast

mark fast

It was media day in Toronto for London-based designer Mark Fast, and I was lucky enough to attend and sketch some of his daring designs on live models, something I love to do.  Click the sketch for big.

I used watercolour pencils.  Thanks to Raymund Galsim for taking these photos.

I also got to meet the designer himself – and learned that he is inspired by process.  He produces each of his designs one at a time in his own studio, on a knitting machine, experimenting to discover new ways of producing surface designs – such as knitting in Swarovski pearls, or affixing leather pieces.  Adding and dropping stitches, which once stretched over a body produces patterns that are hidden on the hanger.

Mark has an affable sense of humour even after a long day of answering questions =)

That evening at the cocktail event, the gorgeous models Allison and Alex were still in sky-high shoes and skin-tight dresses, still looking great, total troopers.  Raymund took a picture of them with me and Anita.

While Fast insists that his dresses work on many body types, without a doubt the personality types that can squeeze this look off is very limited – that is women who love their bodies on display, whether they’re in the bloom of youth, work hard for their muscles, or are just innate superstars.  The rest of us are just lucky to look at them.

event – Hi-Style Holladaze

the Style Council chills in style
Check out these kids, they know how to have a happy Holladaze.  This party was all about celebrating the diverse Hi-Style of the members of the Style Council, in 69 Vintage‘s new location on Bloor Street West.

Style Council thanks Rea
Everyone thanked Rea McNamara, the intrepid coordinator of the Style Council and the editor of the mini-mag that recorded their stories.

Septembre's outfit
On the walls, style council members like Septembre showed their styling skills using 69’s merchandise.  She asked me to add an illustration and I obliged.

Saida Baba rocks out
Saida Baba Talibah graced us with an intensely charismatic and inspiring musical performance.

Cat does some shopping at the basement bazaar
Meanwhile, lots of shopping was happening on all three floors of the store – upstairs there are smaller independent vintage dealers, and downstairs is a basement Bazaar where Deadly Nightshade member Cat did a bit of secret shopping. Shhhh.

Mina's page
The delightful ‘zine we got to take home helps us get to know the members of the style council a bit better – pretty rad to see such creativity and collaboration coming from young people outside of the fashion system.  Click the spreads for big. Cheers to the Style Council for a fun night and a job well done.  Keep it up.

Sasha's page

vote – Danier Design Challenge finalists


Fifteen third year students at the Ryerson School of Fashion have been hard at work on their leather jacket entries for the Danier Design Challenge, and now we get to have a peek.

The youtube video format for viewing the entries can be annoying, but not without some humourous moments (Judy goes out on the town at 0:59!) and a bit of insight into what kind of music fashion kids like.

Chelsea McLean

Chelsea McLean takes me on a trip down memory lane – that is the old fashion lab and the halls of Rye High. I can’t help but be charmed by her sincere enthusiasm for her jacket.

I was disappointed that some of the jackets from the second phase didn’t make it into the third – especially Valerie Crisp’s subtler effort – however some of the more unconvincing muslin presentations surprised me in the final execution, especially Pamela Card‘s very assured looking jacket.

Pamela Card jacket

Pamela also showed her illustration which I quite liked.  It looks like it has a water-stain on it which in a way, works as a compositional element.  I wonder if that was deliberate.  I might try that out on my own.

Pamela Card illustration

The jacket I was most anticipating was John Hillifer‘s. It turned out very well from what I can see… which is not much given a self-conscious “dark industrial” video production and a fussy shirt that competes with the collar.  Just show me the jacket, Hillifer!

John Hillifer jacket

I wish that there was a gallery of well-lit colour photographs of all the entries, but it is interesting to check through the videos if you have a little time.  You can vote for your favourites here.

contest – win a Paper Dolls book

paper doll collection

So you want to win a paper doll book?  I’m going to extend the deadline to Monday December 21st.

Using the JPGs available here, I want you to dress a doll; use Photoshop or another program to help you do it.  The challenge is to use a model from one designer and clothing and accessories from at least two other designers.  The best mashed-up outfit wins a book.

But that’s not all; I’d like to see you have some fun with it.  So I’ll also give away a few full-size PDFs to entries I think are particularly funny, or wicked, or silly, or clever.  Bonus points for adding backgrounds and speech bubbles.  Go for it – start chopping.  To qualify, post your entry on your blog or facebook profile or twitter account with a link to this post.  Good luck!