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Blog karma for all these linkers and commenters! Lucky me to have so many internet friends…

paper doll – Jeremy Laing Fall 2010

Jeremy Laing demonstrated a deft touch with his Fall 2010 collection, exploring texture and colour, top-heavy layers and sumptuous furs that seem soft even in JPG form.  It was a delightful challenge to render these textiles. The model who inspired the doll is Ann Kenny.

You can buy this paper doll as a high-resolution, printable PDF to cut out and play with! Only $5 CDN. Just click the button below.

a word from… February 10 Sponsors


A word from… is a monthly news post contributed by the sponsors who support Final Fashion. All of my sponsors are intrepid entrepreneurs with a lot of personality, and I encourage you to check out what they are doing and making. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please get in touch!

Ashley from Shopgirls says…

Shopgirls is excited to announce the arrival of Spring 2010 collections, which, as always, are exclusively Canadian-designed. Check out Stacey Zhang’s fresh new looks and prepare to fawn over Faren’s new Digital Grunge collection and Montreal-based Veronique Milikjovitch’s bias cut asymmetrical gems. New to Shopgirls: Matt & Nat bags and accessories, eco-friendly yet fashion forward. As per usual, you will also find the city’s best assortment of Yoga Jeans with new styles this season! These are but a few of our new arrivals… Visit us in the shop or on-line at

Nina from Toronto Fashion Incubator says…

Do you have the passion to be in fashion but don’t know where to start or what connections you need?

New TFI mentor Clint Scott has spent the past 12 years in recruitment, working with leading companies, locally and internationally. His passion and dedication has inspired him to coach hiring managers and partner with his clients to ensure they hire the best available talent for their needs.

Date: Tuesday, March 9th, 2010, 5:30pm Doors open for Coffee & Networking, 6:00pm Seminar Presentation with Q&A

Location: Toronto Fashion Incubator, 285 Manitoba Drive, Pod 3, Exhibition Place, Toronto

Tickets Available NOW online at

Darlene of Bijouxbead says…

Embrace Valentine Cocktail took place on Thursday, February 11 at Magnolia, 333 Eglinton Avenue West. The special event featured the wearable art of Bijouxbead by designer Darlene Martin who was there in person to greet guests.

The store was packed with a fashionable crowd sipping pink sparkling wine and enjoying cupcakes from Phipps.  Among the guests were  Yahoo! Canada’s senior lifestyle editor Renee Sylvestre-Williams, I Want I Got’s Anita Clarke, fashion designer Jamil Juma of Juma, The Soles of my Shoes’ Kimberly Lyn,  and executive director of the Toronto Fashion Incubator, Susan Langdon.

“I feel very fortunate that my work has been so well received by Toronto’s fashion community.  I was thrilled for the opportunity to show my work at Magnolia.  I attribute much of the event’s success to the diligent work of Magnet Creative‘s Gail McInnes.” -Darlene Martin, Bijouxbead

Gwendolyne of Gwendolyne Hats says…

Atelier Gwendolyne presents
The Makings of a Teapot Pincushion
Cut and sew with felt to make your own!

This course takes place over 6 consequent Thursdays ~ April 22,  29, May 6,  13,  20,  and 27.

Held in my Atelier at the 401 Richmond St West building ~ Studio 433
Classes begin promptly at 6:30 and end at 8:30 pm

Instruction Fee is $240 plus GST, Material fee is $25 incl. tax.
Enrollment is limited, to reserve your place a non-refundable deposit of $30 is required

Call or email today 416-351-1219
for other course information visit

Odessa of Buy Design for Windfall says…

BUY DESIGN SPRING SOCIAL is Windfall’s seventh annual dress up party!

On Saturday, April 10 at 8 pm, The Fermenting Cellar in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District will be transformed into a dirty thirties fundraiser featuring a mess hall auction, croquet and badminton lawns and a swinging dance hall tent. Sip sidecars, sours and planters punch and parade across the big band stage in the boater pageant. Throw darts at the Beauty Balloon Buster game and sample brown-bagged bites from the country fare stands and bake sale.

Hosted by TV and fashion personality ADRIAN MAINELLA.

Tickets are $75 each or 6 for $375.  Visit our website at to order online or call 416-703-8435.

paper doll – Rodarte Fall 2010

Rodarte is the first paper doll for the Fall 2010 season.  I watched this show as it live-streamed on SHOWstudio and was instantly transported by the mystical atmosphere and nostalgic rock soundtrack.  The layers of soft colours and multiple whites have a wonderful lightly shaded quality, inverted spectacularly for the black-light finale.  The model who inspired the doll is Lindsay White.

The extra head on the paper doll sheet is meant to be cut out and pasted over top of the head so that the hair can be layered over top of the dresses as it was styled, something I’ve always wanted to try with the paper doll format.

You can buy this paper doll as a high-resolution, printable PDF to cut out and play with! Only $3 CDN. Just click the button below.

invitation – Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Tour

Expect to hear a lot about this from me, because I have been a fan of Julian Roberts since 2006 and am so hyped that he is bringing his Subtraction Cutting classes to my fashion school – Ryerson University in Toronto – and also across North America!

Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Tour. This June, at Ryerson University.

WHO: Julian Roberts
WHAT: North American Subtraction Cutting Tour – New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Portland, Oregon!
WHEN: June 14th & 15th
WHERE: Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario.
WHY: To support the Master of Arts (MA) degree in Fashion commencing Fall 2010

Curious?  Julian’s website is open on Wednesdays, so mark it in your day planner and get a peek of what is coming across the Atlantic.  If you are into playing with techniques and experimenting outside the conventions of traditional fashion design, you will love this.

paper dolls – FW10 requests

As mentioned before, I want to do paper dolls for the Fall 2010 season.  This time, I would like to do collections from all over the world; both famous and unknown designers of women’s clothing, especially designers who do exciting or unusual collections.

This is as far as I have gone with the project so far – the pose of the doll is inspired by the classic runway photo.  Between other projects and February ennui, I haven’t yet even decided which collections from New York would be fun to draw, and meanwhile models are already catwalking in London.

So I just wanted to put a call for requests out there. Leave a comment and tell me what your favourite collections are this season, what collections you would like to see in paper doll form.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll do a doll for every suggestion, but I’d really appreciate your help and ideas as I try to catch up with so many hundreds of fashion shows.

press – The Globe and Mail 20-02-10

Tiyana Grulovic at The Globe and Mail featured my new Etsy shop in her blog buzz column this weekend – I can’t think of a nicer way to launch a little online art store.  Thanks Tiyana!  Besides my drawings, the style section features the best of international Olympic gear and the report from New York fashion week, which I am enjoying this morning over coffee and chocolate.

fashion illustrated – Alexander McQueen tribute

Last week, Alexander McQueen died. Like many who love fashion, he was one of my favourite designers.  In fashion school, you would be hard-pressed to find a student who didn’t adore McQueen, idolize him, want to be him.  It was his subversive streak, the dramatic staging, the reverence for history, the attention to craft, over all a perfect blend of rigour and rebellion, that we all loved.

This is the fourth attempt at a tribute illustration to McQueen.  It is daunting to try and create a small offering of respect with my own modest talents.  I chose a favourite dress from his Fall 2003 collection – this was the first year that I was following the new collections closely, and of all of McQueen’s work, there is a sense of discovery that goes with this collection, for me.

Thank you Alexander McQueen, for inspiring so many of us to pursue fashion on our own terms. Rest in peace.

career karma – Tatiana Read

Tatiana Read is a curator of connections, social, ambitious and organized. In other words, she’s a total PR pro.  Words can’t describe how grateful I am to her for introducing me to so many new clients and working her network to make cool projects happen.  In 2009 she started her own firm, Knot PR. Tat has mad momentum and it seems like she gets busier all the time – so I really appreciate that she took a moment to answer my questions.

Can you describe a typical day as PR entrepreneur?

This is a great question and something that I’m sure aspiring PR practitioners are curious about. I’ve done my best to outline the daily happenings of yours truly.

7:30AM Check the blackberry for any must-respond-to emails – European inquiries/contacts are a few hours ahead.

8:00AM Starbucks. Americano w/ cream + yogurt parfait. To go.

8:15AM In-office: sending previous night’s drafted emails ‘first-thing.’ I receive/send up to 200 individual emails daily (I prefer sending emails in the morning when people are fresh vs. late at night or EOD (end of day).

Media monitoring: review google alerts in detail, read dailies (online and in print) and get scans / obtain copies. Review links and google analytics for websites.

8:15-30AM Review meetings and day’s task list, confirm day’s appointments (I sometimes have up to four a day).

Log-in to HootSuite; check activity on twitter accounts, review twitter fashion lists for the day’s buzz, review general news/trending/favourite twitter people (some examples: @lisatant @OscarPRGirl @dkny @raymondgirard @mashable @scobleizer)

8:30-9:00AM Touch base with clients by phone if needed, follow-up with email and deliver action items as appropriate. Liaise with any vendors (e.g. for upcoming client event, designers, web guys, etc) on special client projects first-thing.

9:00-11:15AM If a Knot press release is going out we aim to have it out by 10:30 – at this point we’re uploading finalized documents, finalizing hi-res drops and flickr galleries, reviewing media lists. (By ‘we’ I mean me and my new coordinator, the amazing Ryan Cheung)

All same-day couriers must be filed by noon – so we’re usually putting a sample request or two together by this time.

Mail! Who doesn’t like receiving mail? Review new magazines, invitations, bills!

11:15-12:00PM Late-morning coffee with friend/industry colleague/media/fellow entrepreneur

Skype UK-based Knot Market Consultant Sarah Joynt

Call Knot advisory team member to discuss a percolating business idea / strategy (I regularly call up professionals from non-fashion or pr backgrounds to get their point of view and learn from their experiences, business practice)

12:00-12:30PM Lunch! I eat at my desk usually – I prefer booking meetings around lunch (but do enjoy a nice lunch meeting) as it makes you focus on task at hand vs. dining experience distractions.

Catch up on twitter chatter.

12:30-6:00PM Get lots of work done – copywriting, researching, knowledge management, brainstorming, media relations, strategic planning.

Also work on Knot admin/management tasks: pay bills, invoicing (freshbooks!), website (launching March 2010), communications industry trends/research

6:00PM Committee meetings – I am personally involved in a few extra-curriculars, including the upcoming Reel Artist Film Festival, The Canadian Art Foundation’s Young Patron Group (New Contemporaries), The Textile Museum’s Style Advisory Council, Hope House Fundraiser


Attend event – launches, cultural / networking events – all opportunities to touch base with colleagues and make new friends.

7:30PM Occasionally I go back to work post-event or have a secondary event.

9:00PM Draft event follow-up emails to new contacts (always, always get their business cards!). Review night-time emails and draft important responses/follow-up for next morning. Remotely review/draft important files via Dropbox.

10:00PM Touch-base with friends over phone, read a book (currently reading Corked) watch mind-numbingly bad tv (rarely)

How did your life change when you went from being an employee at a PR firm to owner of your own business?

The joy of PR (to me) has always been rooted in helping businesses grow. I am a natural entrepreneur (a competitive middle child) and running my own business has better equipped me to understand the challenges and goals of my clients.

To answer your question: my life changed overnight. As an entrepreneur, every second of every day counts – there’s no end to what you can do for your business and nobody cares more about your business than you do. Whereas client targets are more tacit and quantifiable, my business goals are lofty and seem endless. I am used to working long hours (I have had up to 3 jobs at a time and remember a stretch of 8 months with but a single day off) but being a PR entrepreneur is a lifestyle choice, truly. I have always been attracted to knowledge management and the ‘bigger picture’ as it’s energizing, motivating and highly rewarding to see ideas come to life.

You were one of the first PR professionals in Toronto to make a real effort to reach out to fashion bloggers. How do you think fashion PR has to adapt to the growing influence of online voices?

I grew up amidst ‘online voices’ and I think my first experiences on the web (think: gopher and Eliza) resonate with what’s happening today (and make me apt to understand the ‘blogosphere’ and web 2.0). At 15, in 1996 and, I had a website which I programmed myself (it’s still out there on Web Archive – I may admit to a Prada mention, shoes specifically). It was my first foray into an exotic and alluring community of talented early-adopters. In particular I remember Jeffrey Zeldman being an influence – he’s now spearheading designing with web standards (I think I even got him to critique my site! *Embarrassing* but part of the allure of the online community: access).

As soon as I got started in fashion PR I recognized that fashion bloggers were important voices (the notion that it’s a passing fad strikes me as misinformed). Now we have twitter (micro-blogging!) and facebook to contend with. What does this mean to PR practitioners and specifically, the fashion PR people? It means engaging these voices/platforms and starting your own conversations, being responsive and open to new technologies. It also means lots of learning.

What advice would you offer to those who have an ambition to start their own fashion PR firm?

I’m new at this but here are some highlights of what I’ve learned so far: you must want to work hard, keep learning everyday, be organized (personally and professionally), meet people and learn from them. It’s not for everyone.

Can you describe the proudest moment in your career so far?

Validation is important to me as I work in a service-based industry. I take pride in doing the job well; whether it’s running my business and getting an office within 6 months or having a client tell me “job well done.” Also seeing a good idea come to life is thrilling.

Photo Credit: Raymund Galsim

new – Etsy shop

Considering how many stray drawings I have lying around, it is a bit of a mystery why I have not started an Etsy shop sooner.  Here it is; just tiny for now with a few watercolour pencil drawings, as I am just figuring out how to use it.  I will gradually be adding more original drawings, and later on, prints.  Maybe even some clothing someday, who knows.  If any one wants to give it a test run I would be very grateful for the practice.  Thanks for checking it out.