drawing – THOMAS// SS11 show

The cool thing about THOMAS// was the way they subverted standard fashion show format. Dim lighting, atonal soundscape instead of music (it sort of sounded like a train station), with models slowly walking along the edges of the runway instead of the center. The clothes were minimal & graphic. It was an interesting show to watch and fun to draw, the contrariness worked out well.

One at THOMAS// didn’t work out so well. The final model was sent out in a jacket that was too small – and because the retreat of the models was so slow, the awkward fit through the shoulders and back became an unfortunate punctuation mark to the show. I think its a good idea for designers to carefully consider the back view of the final exit – because when it is exiting, it is the last thing we see of the collection for the longest period of time and leaves a lasting impression.

drawing – Klaxon Howl SS11 show

Klaxon Howl showed a decisive collection of workwear-inspired menswear. I especially enjoyed the high waisted jeans and rolled cuffs on shirts – the 1950s revival for menswear feels so right now to me. Unusual and pleasant to see a polished, fashion show version of my favourite type of men’s clothing.

a word from… October 2010 sponsors


A word from… is a monthly news post contributed by the kind sponsors who support Final Fashion.

Vanessa from 18Karat says…

This October, 18Karat has teamed up with Toronto designer and goldsmith Eric Petersen to give away a beautiful handcrafted silver and glass necklace. From his collection, Picking Up the Pieces, Eric Petersen uses found glass from a shattered window to create beautiful and entirely one of a kind pieces that aim to show how seemingly undesirable and unattractive items can be be redeemed with a little care and attention. We first met Eric earlier this year and were impressed not only by his wonderful urban inspired collection, but also his determination and drive. If there was ever a young jewellery designer to watch, Eric Petersen would be it.

Lisa from rock-it promotions says…

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Ofra from Boa says…

Hot holiday dresses now in stock at Boa.

drawing – Jessica Jensen and Alexander Berardi SS11 show

Jessica Jensen designed the bags and presented them with clothing designs by Alexander Berardi. The total look was essential, with a tasteful touch of boho disco flair. It was one of my favourite shows of the week, not just because Jessica is a total fashion-career-girl inspiration (& client) but because it was such a tightly edited, confident presentation overall.

drawing – Pink Tartan SS11 show

Pink Tartan Spring 2011 was an amped-up, super saturated, Betty & Veronica version of the 1970s. Delicious to look at and to draw. I’ve said this before, but one of the things I admire about Kim Newport-Mimran’s design style is how she brings a sense of humour and panache to the runway. She shows how fashion can be so much fun.

drawing – LOVAS SS11 show

It is great to see colour on the runway because it is so much more fun to paint. LOVAS by Wesley Badanjak, as always, showed flawlessly executed, grown-up clothing. What makes it fun as a fashion show is some terrific casting choices, thoughtfully matched to the looks – it really is something to see a missy gingham dress get turned into rock and roll by a truly fierce model, and see a short skirt worked like it should be by a model with tip-top toned legs.

drawing – OR by Angela Chen SS11 show

It is so neat to see a designer improve so much in a season. Last season Orange by Angela Chen didn’t leave a strong impression. This time it was a much more focused vision, and the show successfully gave a sense of atmosphere and story. The rumpled linens, cool blues, pintucks and peg legs came together very well, managing to be minimal and interesting at the same time. Only a couple looks seemed overworked. Looking forward to seeing what Angela Chen shows when she drops the OR.

drawing – Greta Constantine SS11 show

When I live sketch a fashion week, drawing the earlier shows doesn’t come as easily as the later shows. It takes a while to warm up. The Greta Constantine show was a lot looser because I had a couple Peronis at the party before the show, which indirectly suited the fluidity of the signature gowns.