As promised, the twelfth Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch was all about the all-stars… I only wish there was the time to draw everyone between bites of Brassaii‘s tasty french toast.

Melissa of Just Cuz I’m a Girl

Amanda, a reader

Henna of Canadian Beauty

Eden of Bargainista

Adrian of Fashion Verbatim

Anita from I want – I got

Sonja, Toronto Fashion Hero

Liza, Irene and Rachel from

and me

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    Author: Danielle

    fashion artist

    7 thoughts on “TFBB 12”

    1. Ha, that was fast! ^_^

      I just took a glance at your blog, and I think it is awesome! I will definitely visit often.

      And thank you and all for the great time!

    2. Thanks everyone – Amanda, I wish I’d had a chance to talk more with you. Melissa, I did not know you had a blog to, I’ve added it. Glad everyone could come =)

    3. Hey I had a great time! Now that I am just a spectator, not to worry I will continue to be a supporter of the scene in the city.

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