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A word from… is a monthly news post contributed by the kind sponsors who support Final Fashion.

This is the final regular sponsor post on Final Fashion – though there will still be occasional sponsored posts in the future. The sponsor program was a total experiment and unexpectedly successful. However, as the site is going through a transitional phase (like me) I felt it was the right time to phase the program out. Thanks so much to all the sponsors who voluntarily and generously offered their support to Final Fashion.

Christina from rock-it promotions says…

We love a good outfit, from shoes to bag to hair, but no matter how good you feel, bad breath is a serious buzz kill. If you haven’t tried Pür Gum yet, it’s a no-brainer. It’s naturally-flavoured and aspartame free. Aspartame has been linked to depression, nausea and head-aches. Yuck. Why not try one of these flavours?  Pick some up here and follow us on Twitter @PurGum.

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