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Danielle Meder by Raymund Galsim

I think she’s bringing a new view point to fashion. Over time, her work will be a phenomenal record of the documentation, history, and evolution of fashion.

— Georg Petschnigg, founder of FiftyThree

Final Fashion is about fashion trend theory and independent creative career realization.

I am a fashion illustrator, specializing in beautiful designer paper dolls, sophisticated live runway sketching, and figure and technical illustration for fashion designers. I’m also a regular contributor to Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail.

My live runway sketches have been featured by Women’s Wear Daily and FLARE, and I’ve been photographed in the act of sketching at fashion shows by The Sartorialist and The New York Times.

Drawing while speaking is a skill I’m proud to have developed. I demonstrated live runway sketching using the iPad at Apple Soho in New York, and debuted an experimental illustrated lecture called Silhouettes and Signals at The Drake Hotel in Toronto.

My paper dolls have been featured in a variety of publications including the Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration and Canadian fashion authority FLARE Magazine. Dolls have been commissioned by The CutBloomingdale’s, Stylist.co.uk, and Canadian department store The Hudson’s Bay Company.

I’ve also created a jury award winning design for Dr. Martens.

I am available for fashion illustration commissions worldwide, as well as teaching, speaking, writing and consulting gigs.

Heartfelt thanks for visiting, and please feel free to get in touch.



I spend my time in my four favourite cities: London, Toronto, New York and Paris. Currently I’m in London.

I can also be found socializing on the internet:

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    4 thoughts on “about and contact”

    1. thats so amazing! you basicaly have my dream job :) your sketches are beautiful, keep up the amazing work :D

    2. Hi Danielle!
      I just wanted to let you know that I love your work and this blog always inspires me to get up and be creative. I hope to one day travel the globe and do the work that I love.

      Keep being great and good luck with the rest of your creative career!

      Christian Ibarra

    3. Hello Danielle!
      I just purchased the Lucian Matis paper doll on the Internet. I love it! It is a gift for my sister. I paid for it and do have access to the PDF. I am unable to find an icon to save it. I wanted to print from a different computer.

      Is there a way to save the doll the other 3 pages PDF files?

      Thank you!


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