boot love – Siobhan Magnus on American Idol

What a delightful surprise! On last night’s American Idol contestant Siobhan Magnus wore the Dr. Martens I designed. She looked super cute and sang one of my favourite Shania songs. Thanks so much to everyone who sent me a note about it!

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    Author: Danielle

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    13 thoughts on “boot love – Siobhan Magnus on American Idol”

    1. Congrats – I was SUPER excited when I saw it and screamed at Evan to pause the show – thank God for TiVo.

      Too bad she got voted off today. But at least she got those boots in before she left. =)

    2. Hey! I have those boots too!! I didn’t see the show last night but 5 min ago my mom was like, “I think Siobhan was wearing your boots last night!” small world. Ur boots rock. I’ll send u a pic.

    3. Oh Wow that’s so cool! I saw your boots in the front row of David Dixon’s SS10 show too,

      They sure get around.

      On a separate note is the Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch still in action and can anyone in Toronto with a fashion blog attend?

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