2012 redux

2012 was the year that my illustration and writing shifted from naive to mature. It was not a dramatic change, and I’m not sure what led to this ephemeral graduation. Something inside of me changed early in the year that gave me a greater clarity of purpose and a more nuanced understanding of what I am trying to accomplish. Once that realization settled, I spent a few months reworking my online presence to better reflect who I am now. This process led to career acceleration at the end of the year.

This was also the year I turned 30, and I moved from London back to Toronto.

In my 20s, I was struggling all of the time, and often felt fearful. I was a poor judge of what was trivial and what was important, and much of my energy was misdirected. I was always doing things I had never done before, and of course not doing them very well. I often felt like a fraud.

I loved turning 30. I love having experience to build on. I love the sense of earned confidence. I love knowing who I am, what I do best, and what I want. It’s good to be capable, now it’s time to achieve virtuosity. I’ve got a lot of work to do this decade.

Anyway, here’s the best of 2012 on Final Fashion. Enjoy!


Trend theory…

  • red dress blue dress – “If you’ve ever doubted the capacity of clothing to transform, just try on a red or blue dress and see what kind of heroine you can be.”
  • toe to type“They say that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes, and leading that line of thought is the shape of the toe.”
  • street style signals – key to reading your standard street style poses.
  • the indefinable decades – “I remember looking forward to the end of the century so I could see the 20th century laid out in a row of 10 clearly defined figures”
  • the masculine renunciation – “The sacrifice that the abandonment of fashion symbolizes is less often considered.”
  • thoughts on contemporary fashion illustration – I think this one of my more under-rated posts, a sort of state-of-the-union address on my chosen craft.


Live runway sketching…


Paper dolls…

Trend enders

  • the half-tuck“the ultimate in plausible deniability. The idea is to look put-together and undone at the same time, artfully dishevelled.”
  • mullet skirts“the high-low hem will go the way of the mullet when the economy starts making sense again.”
  • neon“perhaps since fluorescent is tricky to spell, fashion editors prefer the word neon.”
  • nail art“one of those rare little luxuries that is accessible to everyone.”
  • flatforms“they’re politically as well as proportionally incorrect, but maybe that’s the point.”

Independent creative career realization…

twenty eleven redemption

This has been an incredible year, full of adversity and transcendence.

What follows is a redux, final fashion‘s finest for the year. Thanks so much to everyone who visits, reads, comments, emails and reaches out. Friends and colleagues, you inspire me. You are all wonderful. Thank you.


My favourite blog posts

Paper dolls

  • Vionnet – both back and front views. Braless, just the way Vionnet liked it.
  • Agyness Deyn – the first of a model series, I have a wishlist.
  • Anna Dello Russo – for the Hudson’s Bay Company. She is such a perfect fashion phoenix, delightful to draw.
  • Pink Martini Collection – my first completely hand-rendered, watercolour paper doll.

Incredible encounters

Fashion weeks and events

Extraordinary projects

Print appearances


London life

This was a year that started hard for me and then turned around in the second half. While I didn’t tick every box, I feel like I got the gist if not the gamut of my 2011 goals.

I’m looking forward to 2012. How about you?