click click – 14-08-14

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Mick Jagger hair cut

Above, Mick Jagger getting a haircut, unknown origin. Below, Brian Jones getting his hair cut at NBC in New York in 1965, by Gered Mankowitz. Via The RAW Gallery. Did you know the Rolling Stones used to cut each other’s hair? The original rock and roll haircuts were autocuts.

  • rave new world – Rachel R White enters the ever-more virtual rave scene and reveals the it girls who embody it. Crucial.
  • Pizza Rulez – a very clever, good fashion link roundup.
  • RIP Eleanor Kent – a proto-digital textile designer and computer art pioneer I’d never heard of. She’s awesome. Another inspiring discovery from Tumblr – fashion designer Zelda Wynn Valdez, whose distinctive divided treatment of breasts is just as recognizable as Gaultier’s.
  • Jackson Pollack – includes a lot of amazing footage of Pollack working, and a tremendous set of revealing interviews from characters in his life. And if you want another, even sadder – Montgomery Clift.
  • The Art of Hair – inspiring record of inventive hairstyles of Nigerian women in the late 1960s.
  • Reviving a Dyeing Technique – did you know organic indigo dye is a bacterial culture, a living organism? Also for indigo-lovers of reclaimed beauty, Japanese boro.
  • Warhol by Bailey – the fact that I can watch this whenever I want to makes me love everything about 2014. Also, there’s Beaton by Bailey?
  • If the shoe in shoe fits, wear it – “a cross-seasonal, day-to-night, layered footwear option.”

Brian Haircut NBC Studios NYC 1965.

Karma names,

click click – 23-07-14

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Monette and Mady by Maja Daniels 1

Monette and Mady – very stylish Parisian twins photographed by Maja Daniels, via Kevin.

Monette and Mady by Maja Daniels 2

click click – 30-06-14

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Photo by Michael Rougier

Another great photo essay from LIFE (and thanks to The Grumpy Owl again), young hipsters in 1960s Japan. Above – Yoko, 17 years old, Tokyo, 1964. Below – “Tokyo Beatles” backstage, 1964.

photo by Michael Rougier 1

Karma yes and yes –

  • Yes and Yes! – I’ve admired Sarah’s hustle on the internet for years, so it means a lot that she recognized mine too. Friends have said this a very revealing interview!
  • Standard Interviews – this Q&A was transcribed from a phone interview, which I think gives it a different quality.

click click – 02-06-13

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

ROCKSTEADY-Crew-Harlem by Janette Beckman

Discovered the work of Janette Beckman via The Grumpy Owl. Her admirable career has recorded youth culture, musicians, and protest for decades, no production, no pretension. Check out her archives of 1970s London style tribes and 1980s B-Boy scenes.

Go Hard Boys 2013 by Janette Beckman

click click – 25-04-14

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.


This German street artist, Vermibus, dissolves the faces in fashion advertisements. The effect is disconcerting and yet the images are somehow still effectively beautiful. Via fashionREDEF.


Karma go get it –

  • Three Word Outfitdelving beyond the surface of clothing to give insight into what makes fashion tick (or tock).”
  • NOW Magazine – features me in a bit about Canadian fashion illustrators.

click click – 01-04-14

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Private Birthday Party 1

Found photographs of the Kansas City drag ball culture of the 1960s from the Private Birthday Party collection, discovered via Kevin.

Private Birthday Party 2

  • Sai Sivanesan – Sai took my new sidebar photo!
  • I want – I got – Anita recorded my Silhouettes and Signals performance.
  • Queen of Clubs – I designed the cover of this German crime novel, and now it’s translated into English and being released as a free serial. The cover star is an impetuous, vivacious brunette nicknamed Pochette.
  • Bee Walker“I am a photographer based in New York City”
  • Jason Howlett“You aim to walk into the light but instead you pass completely through it… motionlessly.”
  • Bodymap“Restore your confidence from the inside to the outside: from smile to style.”
  • Be Fabulous Daily“It feels a bit fraught to make that choice when it’s opposite the signals that make life easier, opposite the trends in our culture.”

click click – 13-03-14

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Lanvin by Kevin Tachman

Beautiful multiple exposures of FW14 fashion shows on analog film by Kevin Tachman, featured on Vogue. Above, Lanvin. Below, Versace. Lots of links, it’s been a while.

Versace by Kevin Tachman

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click click – 03-02-14

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

rick owens 1

Rick Owens by Steven Meisel, via E.P. Cutler.

  • Ana Kinsella – when it comes to fashion-focused link roundups, Ana gives click click a run for its attention deficit disorder. Great mix of long reads and gorgeous image galleries.
  • Vogue Voices – this wonderful series of famous fashion designer interviews is surprisingly revealing. In conversation with a (silent) Sally Singer, we discover what really preoccupies their minds, whether they embrace or resist change, and how their insecurities and sensitivities inform the way they work.
  • The life of a 1930s model in Clothes Pegs by Noel Streatfeild – a fascinating review of a contemporary romance novel which happened to be written by a former model, perhaps offering a quasi-authentic glimpse on the occupation at a time when it was rarely documented. Also in the category of the rare documentary; behind-the-scenes fashion photographs from the 1960s by Henry Wolf.
  • Principles in Logo Design Pricing – this one struck close to home for me as I’ve recently walked away from a large opportunity on principle too. As a freelancer accustomed to precarity, negotiating a big deal that somehow compromises your sense of what is fair is a truly agonizing experience, and few are brave enough to share their story like this – I know I won’t. Via Anne.
  • Resources on cultural appropriation in fashion – a great primer on a complex subject written by an educator for fashion students – the demographic that needs this information the most. Two tangentially relevant links: via Timo, On Gay Male Privilege, and via Fiona Duncan, Ghetto Fabulous.
  • The Portfolio of Greg Climer: Useful Designer – Timo’s friend Greg has done a lot of intriguing inter-disciplinary projects.
  • Fabulous Fashionistas – terrible title, awesome documentary about older women with inspiring style. Via Rea. Two other takes on age – On Jane Morris and Aging and On Turning 30.

rick owens 2

Karma is real.

click click – 08-01-14

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

From the series Mum

Photographer Nancy Newberry’s portraits of Texas teenagers and their ‘mums’ celebrate a form of modern folk art unique to American youth culture. Via Paige.

From the series Mum

Karma mums to pin on you…

  • Why did you wear that?“social commentary on love, life, fashion, and all things obnoxious.”
  • Paper Doll School“I spend as much time as I can creating art of all kinds, including my life-long hobby: paper dolls.”

click click – 09-12-13

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.


A cautionary tale about profligacy, Hogarth’s engravings are an ever-incisive exposition of the dangers of fashion for fools.

  • The Textile Blog – this lovely niche blog uses textiles as a lens to discuss much larger issues – cultural influences, authorship, collectivism, inequality, obscurity, environment. Describing it as a blog about fabric really doesn’t do it justice.
  • Full Interview with Betsey and Lulu Johnson on their New Reality Show “XOX Betsey Johnson” – this unedited interview probably reveals more than a reality show ever could. Even though she’s in her 70s, Johnson isn’t about to give up the spotlight, which is somehow simultaneously admirable and alarming.
  • Conference Chic, or, How to Dress Like an Anthropologist – some of the nerdiest fashion advice I’ve ever read, it comes off as both a parody of service journalism AND academic writing.
  • Delusional Downtown Divas – looking at Lena Dunham’s pre-GIRLS work is fascinating, perhaps because she draws on her specific experiences as a Manhattan art brat, so it is more personal, less polished, more elitist and less accessible than her television show. ALSO: check out her first feature, Creative Nonfiction.
  • Cat Marnell and Richard Kern with Porochista Khakpour – this panel is ostensibly about the East Village, but I think what it’s really about is fame.
  • Net Artist Daily – a short-lived meta-ironic tabloid that satirizes the “net art” scene. The subcultural specificity here is almost impenetrable to an outsider, but it serves as a helpful “who’s who” for net art novices like myself. ALSO: NAD-featured artist Ann Hirsch shares her gURLs text, which she performed at the same event as Rachel’s piece.
  • It’s All About the Squinch – this headshot specialist does big business by understanding the nuances of expression to flatter his clients – for anyone with a professional interest in faces, this is very practical information. ALSO: check out his jawline video.


Karma giftie…

  • A Creative Reality“I am just a positive chic slightly obsessed with the creativity expressed in everyday life.”