click click – 17-08-13

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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Algerian tattoos by Yasmin Bendaas 1

These beautiful portraits of elderly Algerian women by researcher Yasmin Bendaas record a lost tradition of facial tattoos once used for aesthetic and ritual purposes.

  • AGOG – The Grandmother Diaries – I’ve been looking forward to seeing artist Meg Mosley’s documentary on her friendship with her grandmother and it is heartfelt, profound, personal, and GLAM. This film explores the undeniable bonding power of beauty culture at any age.
  • Where is she now? Barbara Mullen, the misfit model of the 1950s – a great model can be obscured by her own chameleonic qualities. John-Michael O’Sullivan rediscovers her image, the meaning of her moment, the woman herself, and the triumphs and tragedies of her life. Further elaboration.
  • Napalm and Silly Putty – ever since I was a teenager, I have always turned to the late great George Carlin when I need soul comfort. He reminds me that people are stupid and crazy and reassures me that the world is a senseless mess. Here he reads from his own material, without apparent sequence, and somehow it soothes my broken heart. And there is more.
  • The Seat of Power – a profile of Bridget Foley, one of fashion’s premier opinionators who prefers to keep a lower profile, as the significance of the industry’s most enduring daily newspaper shifts along with the fashion it covers.
  • The Cannibalistic - this was a short-lived blog that took on fashion trends from a wider historical and environmental view. I’m one to talk, as Final Fashion itself has gone through a lull this year, but it reminds me that very few sites approach fashion from this angle and I have a responsibility to get back into it myself if I want to read more of it. And I do.

Algerian tattoos by Yasmin Bendaas 2

Karma aha!

click click – 28-07-13

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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

mask by samira boon 2

I think I came across these unusual styles by Samira Boon by googling “designer face masks”. Via Actually BLOG.

  • From Little Fanny to Fluffy Ruffles: The Scrappy History of Paper Dolls – this is just wonderful, featuring lots of information about the history of paper dolls I’ve never read before. Thanks Nick.
  • The Alchemists of Sound – terrific documentary about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and early innovations in electronic music.
  • You Are Not An Artisan – I do like the concept of “conspicuous production” as it does describe a lot of economic activity I like to call the “vanity economy”. I also agree that the fashion for nostalgic, retro businesses can be absurd given the digital world we now inhabit. However, I disagree that “conspicuous production” is a new thing, it’s just that nowadays a lot more of us can afford to do it. I also dislike the premise that occupations have to be “profitable” endeavours to be useful or worthwhile. Once our basic needs are taken care of, why shouldn’t the opportunity to attempt art, and possibly enjoy admiration for it be regarded as just as valuable to the quality of human life as material wealth? Via Assaf.
  • Why You Should Never Have Taken That Prestigious Internship – further to the previous link, another long piece exploring the unfortunate effects of status as currency. Is every job a fashion job now?
  • Two Flowers by Three People - Tao Lin has an ugly habit of manipulating a female subject into saying compromising things – that struck me when I discovered his work via the Bebe Zeva documentary. Here, Sarah Nicole Prickett takes control of the conversation. Prickett got her start as a fashion writer, and her work is still aesthetically driven. Unlike Lin she upholds the role of beauty in writing, just as she does in appearances. Eyeliner versus drip.
  • The Fascinating Fashion Evolution of Iran’s State-Imposed Modesty Garments –  despite laws restricting their choices, the changing fashions of Iran reveal the beauty, ingenuity, and political views of Iranian women. I love how in places where fashion is repressed, it always re-emerges regardless. Fashion is never finished. Via Tara.

mask by samira boon 1

Karma if you wanna -

  • The Style Monster - “Part time 12 year old bubblegum-riot queen of the faeries. “
  • DC in Style“Inspired by beautiful books, fairy tales, mysterious castles and colorful dreams”

click click – 09-07-13

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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

made in china 1

I do love a doll-themed editorial – and this one that touches on the tangled concepts of Orientalism, Occidentalism, commodification of beauty and globalized manufacturing too? Right on. Hat tip E.P. Cutler.

made in china 2

Karma me, karma you -

click click – 12-06-13

click click — Danielle on June 12, 2013 at 5:08 pm

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

gisele for dolce and gabbana 2

What is it about Dolce & Gabbana ads that is so prescient, topical, and dense with narrative potential? I’ve often wondered why there isn’t a blog dedicated to captioning fashion ads… so I finally started one. Feel free to add your own captions or  submit your own captioned Dolce & Gabbana ads.

gisele for dolce and gabbana 1

Karma to keep,

  • A Creative Reality“where you can find creativity, inspiration, and fashion”
  • doodlin’“We’re Arna and John, a husband and wife team. Our animation company is called dancingmonkeys.”
  • Paper Thin Personas“My goals are to provide a diverse collection of paper dolls, keep myself amused and gain great fame and fortune.”
  • The LUXE Life“Life is short… we’re here to make it luxe.”
  • Christopher Doeling“I’ve literally been from one coast to the other in these United States in a long search for the perfect art related career.”

click click – 17-05-13

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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Kwame 1989 in Dapper Dan 1

Like many, I discovered Harlem hip-hop tailor Dapper Dan via the New Yorker (excellent audio addendums here and here), and now it seems Jay-Z and the powers that be are bringing the master logo appropriator a much deserved second round of notoriety. These photos show an example of his work from Dapper Dan’s official blog.

Kwame 1989 in Dapper Dan 2

Karma, namaste.

click click – 30-04-13

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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

ATL twins by Harmony Korine 1

Watched Spring Breakers and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also into these polaroids of the ATL twins (who play themselves in the film) by director Harmony Korine. These kids turned their life into a lifestyle – it’s pretty much what 21st century youth is all about. Via DAZED. (MORE: candid profile here, including their suited-up day job style.)

ATL twins by Harmony Korine 2

Give as good as you get -

  • BLOUIN ARTINFO – a great feature about how I use touchscreen to draw.
  • H&M Life – what a pleasure to be included among some other very admirable fashion illustrators with blogs.
  • dadaDan“video/food/performance”
  • Gay West Bicycle Club“The only LGBTQ cycling club in Canada with 160 members”

click click – 11-04-13

click click — Danielle on April 11, 2013 at 4:23 pm

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

girl interrupted angelina jolie coat

Which Fall 2013 fashion show references from these two film stills? A critical pictorial reviewer, LYNN and HORST juxtaposes images, showing you the visual connections that positions collections in the cultural continuum. A stellar recommendation from John Michael of 1972 Projects.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Tip-offs receive tip-ins,

click click – 01-04-12

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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Neal Cassady and Ann Murphy 2

Became curious about Neal Cassady recently – a kind of it-boy, speed-freak inspiration to the influential writers who knew him, with captivating expressions and an anti-conventional conversational style. Photos – with attribution – here. More on Cassady here and here.

  • The Source – interesting documentary about the beat movement, of course featuring more Cassady moments. To see Cassady in his Merry Prankster incarnation, among so much more terrific footage, I recommend watching Magic Trip (worth the $).
  • Finger Painting – elder fashion creatives Celia Birtwell and Stephen Jones chat (including a revealing, poignant admission of professional regret) and do something in analog that many are now doing with digital – painting with fingertips instead of holding a drawing tool – something I did for this project. Any opportunity to observe drawing in process – and the successes and failures involved in taking on a new technique – is a pleasurable peek into the mind of an artist.
  • How Memes Are Orchestrated By The Man – the rise and fall of youtube dance fads is like a compressed fashion trend cycle, somehow both joyfully trivial and profoundly insidious. Another Harlem Shakedown worth listening to is on the Slate Culture Gabfest. Also in music – the lineage of the Amen Break.
  • What Will Induce Nostalgia in 2033? – a consideration of cultural myopia – for the more fashion focused version, check Refinery29. Seems that it’s still to early, in 2013, to be able to reduce the 00s to outlines.
  • My Gucci Addiction – finally fashion memoir that is truly an urgent must-read. Now jonesing for more, better fashion memoirs.
  • Who Watches the Watchmen – complementary to these thoughts, collectors cards of fashion journalists past and present by fashion blog pioneer Diane Pernet.
  • Fashion is a Foreign Language – revelatory blog post about why nerds gravitate towards historical costumes and corsets. Another subset who are attracted to corsets = fashion students. Via The Grumpy Owl, these short videos offer a simulacra of talking to Ryan.
  • Can Your Style Survive Google Glass? – “wearables” is the watchword for future computers, and the prototypes as expected, appear awkward and provoke weird reactions. The possibilities here are just wild.

Neal Cassady and Ann Murphy 1

All you need is karma,

  • blank stare, {blink} – “I wanted to run up to them, the front row seats and beyond, shake their expensive shoulders and scream, “Look where you are! Look what you get paid to do!”
  • IFB – my favourite writer at Independent Fashion Bloggers, Ashe, included me on a list of worthy wordy fashion bloggers. Honoured!
  • The Lingerie Lesbian“I’m a lady who likes ladies and I have an unhealthy obsession with cute panties, corsets & garter belts”
  • Style Algorithm“A Slow Fashion Blog”

click click – 20-02-13

click click — Danielle on February 20, 2013 at 5:41 pm

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

gilda radner 1

Gilda Radner, my kind of style icon. Being somewhat scruffy by inclination, it is reassuring to see wild hair and an oversized wool jacket look so… rad. Nice validation for me copping out style-wise at NYFW. Via I’m Fine. It’s Nothing.

  • Don’t Take it Personal – this feels like heresy to write, but what is up with all the petulant missives from fashion’s elite wordsmiths this season? Menkes thinks fashion week used to be better in the 1980s before all this relentless change happened. Horyn tells us if we want context, just google it, she’s too busy. And Givhan gives us that cliché ”not doing fashion week this season, darling, it’s so phony“. I crave applied wisdom on the fascinating, twin-fire evolution of fashion and media this season, which I’m watching with genuine enthusiasm and curiosity. Instead, I’m reading grandmas grumbling. I guess I’ll just have to develop my own insights if I can’t get them from the pros. Not all fashion bloggers are clothespins, eh?
  • J.W. Anderson Re-See – you know who is giving fashion writers a run for their money? Fashion designers that can articulate their own collections. Anderson is the most interesting, forward ‘young’ designer working now, belonging in the same category as Ford, Jacobs and Lagerfeld when it comes to being able to talk as well as design. Here, he implausibly denies the calculated shock value of his notorious Fall 2013 menswear, and persuasively emphasizes the necessity of pushing fashion ahead.
  • The Wonderful Wooly World of Hacked Knitting Machines – speaking of moving forward, here is a nerdy subculture that offers an incredible opportunity for applying the digital aesthetic to knitted textiles. The possibilities here for fashion are so exciting. Via Timo.
  • Fashion Blogging Culture: Demanding Substance Over Style – Garçonnière has collected a great selection of content related to fashion blogging’s wacky crisis of conscience and connects the dots with her own cogent thoughts. The mainstreaming of fashion blogging creates an almost irresistible pressure to be dumber and more boring – is there anything to be done about it? The answer is yes, we can be smart and different – but we can’t also be popular. Related: is it too late to start a fashion blog? Also, fake swag is a thing?
  • Paris Hilton Nostalgia – is it-ness in the girl, or the culture? Rachel R. White explores this perennial topic through the night-vision lens and takes us back to the aughties, and our forgotten hardcore heiress.

gilda radner 2

Karma for incoming linkers and commenters -

  • Lot 65“I’m a Librarian with a love for style.”
  • Rue la la“Inspiration every day.”
  • Tricia Hall“a stylist blog”
  • Monica Wellington“Children’s Book Author and Illustrator.”
  • La Femme“my lifelong obsession with style, both modern and historical, as well as travel, film, photography and street art.”


click click – 31-01-13

click click — Danielle on January 31, 2013 at 3:43 pm

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

indigo 1

Gorgeous images of indigo dying found at A LIFE WITH DENIM.

indigo 2

Because karma is kind -

  • Frank – I got captured on audio gabbing about London hustling, live runway sketching, and the fashion media meltdown. I can’t remember what-all I said but it was fun to do.
  • I am Moon ((O))“Finally finally finally, after much blood, sweat, tears, moisture (or how hot a woman) and finger calluses she is there: I am Mon


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