click click – 21-01-10


Welcome to Click Click, the fairly regular roundup of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Plus, karma karma for friendly commenters and linkers <3

  • Label“A label is any kind of tag attached to something so as to identify the object or its content.”
  • T. M. Pasnak“You are either extremely tenacious, OR really lost if you have somehow found your way here.”
  • Aspiring Couture“Aspiring Couture is a project to get young designers, their fresh approach and new outlook on fashion, made known to the world.
  • on the row“A fashion student who’s dream job is to forecast trends and work for an agency that pays for her travels.”
  • Humber Fashion – the Humber Fashion school blog, a great idea for a fashion student project, led by editor Jacquie Burton of Jacquieshambles.
  • Corey Lee Draws “My work is inspired by fashion, music, typography, videogames and just about anything else I find interesting.”
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