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If you are in Toronto, are female, and like clothes, is presenting the event for you. I had the chance to attend the first swap, dropped off some ill-fitting vintage dresses and walked away with some very cute tops that I actually wear. This is my kind of shopping, you know, the free kind. Please email Sonja for all the pertinent details.

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    Author: Danielle

    fashion artist

    3 thoughts on “clothing swap”

    1. Thanks for putting this up sweetie!
      Here are the details so as to save your readers some time.
      Cheers, Sonja

      Swap -The guidelines:
      Max 10 swap items per person.
      That means please do not come with more than 10 items to swap.
      If you bring 10 items you can swap for 10 items or less.

      Dig out of your wardrobe
      – your vintage, designer, basic classic and era inspired clothing items
      that you just simply don’t wear anymore or are bored of
      – this can include light coats, jackets, blouses, vests, sweaters,
      trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, bags, footwear
      – please no jeans and no cheap, bland t-shirts
      – all garments must be cleanish and good repair
      – the organizers have right to refuse items if felt not suitable for swap
      – this event is of no charge and left-over items will be donated to the
      store Planet Aid

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