drawing – Dr. Martens first love

Dr. Martens Canada asked me to submit an image that represented “first love” which is an appropriate coincidence because my experience of first love was simultaneous with the acquisition of my first new (not second-hand) pair of Dr. Martens, a chunky, 90s-style 1460 quad, their much-worn appearance is recorded here.

The specificity of the boot style is important – as is the motorcycle (his first, a much-loved vintage Honda 400 if I recall correctly). The tightness of the illustration is important, because we both liked to draw, and descriptive detail and obsessive cross-hatching echoes the way we drew then. Everything else is just smudged in, obscured by obsolete technology, remaining only in our brains and perhaps boxes in our parent’s homes.

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    Author: Danielle

    fashion artist

    4 thoughts on “drawing – Dr. Martens first love”

    1. Love that drawing! I too found my first love in a pair of Docs. It was the most money I had ever spent on shoes in my 16 years on the planet. I loved those shoes. Then everyone started wearing them and I (a la the bike dude on “Portlandia”) declared them to be OVER! so I cut the tops and painted the toes green. I was an idiot.

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