Dress Lucinda and Max for the Holidays

Cool prizes for talented stylists!  Dress Lucinda and win a copy of The Collection, dress Max and win a Dido gift bag!  Plus see your outfit illustrated and get your name dropped on the Toronto’s drama-packed fashion gossip blog, Rags and Mags.

All you have to do is assemble a character-appropriate outfit collage using clothing from Canadian designers (don’t forget the accessories!) – or if you’re a designer, sketch your outfit idea (don’t stress – your entry will be evaluated on the design not the drawing).  Entries are due December 5th.  See details here.

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    Author: Danielle

    fashion artist

    2 thoughts on “Dress Lucinda and Max for the Holidays”

    1. I think you should offer $10,000 worth of VIA train travel credits as the winning design prize. I hear that’s how we’re compensating our designers these days.

    2. danielle,

      there’s a lovely energy in these drawings. very economical, very light, very expressive. love them.


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