4 thoughts on “Fashion Crimes Holiday Shopping Soirée”

  1. Stopped by yesterday and managed to find the bridesmaid’s dress I’ve been looking for–it needs to be hemmed, but it was $99 for a beautiful, well-made brown silk dupioni dress (I know you don’t like silk dupioni, but I’m a bridesmaid on a budget, and finding a brown dress that fits and looks okay is good enough for me)!

  2. Tiff – the Pam Chorley dresses are lovely quality! What a great score =)

    textstyles and gloria – would love to see you both again.

    I just fixed a devastating comments problem and I’m just tickled to be able to respond to comments on my own site. I don’t write this often enough, but I appreciate everyone’s comments and contributions so much, they really help make the site what it is. It means a lot to me. Thanks all.

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