giveaway – tickets to The Clothing Show Fall 2010

Hey Toronto readers, I have three pairs of tickets to give away for The Clothing Show coming up September 24, 25 & 26. Its a one stop shop for vintage & indie stuff among other wares. If you’d like to go, please leave a comment naming your most coveted fashion item this fall – I’ll pick three comments randomly next Tuesday September 21. Thanks for playing.

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    Author: Danielle

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    23 thoughts on “giveaway – tickets to The Clothing Show Fall 2010”

    1. Yes, double Oooohh, a classic trench coat definitely would be a plus to long-term wardrobe. I also love anything from Hermes definitely their clothing and accessories. I think Hermes’ riding boots are what I really coveted though…

    2. I am absolutely dying to own a vintage wool cape in any vibrant colour (maybe a poppy red). Growing up in Europe, I was rarely put in a pair of pants during the fall/winter season. Instead, I got to run around in tights, a skirt, a beret, and a wool cape. Now all I have to add to my childhood ensemble is a pair of stilettos and long gloves!

    3. I would love a nice wool tailored dress to go
      with my fall boots and a nice fitted jacket. Oh you only
      wanted one piece, but I love clothes and fashion
      couldn’t just choose one;)

    4. I am on the lookout for great knitwear – knit dresses, skirts and short sleeve sweaters. They’re so effortless to wear. It’s hard to find good knitwear at less than designer prices – so I usually turn to vintage hunting.

    5. Giant brimmed black hat…paired with a lovely fall cape and lots of knits! A good hat goes a long way =) I’m on a mission to find one ( I just lost one recently…very sad) it’s the perfect fall accessory!

    6. What a great giveaway!

      My most coveted item for fall would have to be a shearling aviator jacket – the only thing that MIGHT replace my beloved leather bomber .. if I can get my hands on one

    7. I definitely have to get more flat boot action….and I would love to get a jacket a la Phillip Lim Fall 2010!

      Thanks for giving away tickets!

    8. My fall essential item would be a black leather bomber jacket for those chilly nights!
      Love the clothing show, thanks for the contest!

    9. I’m on the lookout for some really warm boots. Moving to Montreal in December and they get a LOT of snow!!!

    10. Oooh. Exciting.

      I’m dying for a Navajo print poncho, capelet, or sweater/jacket. Pretty much anything and everything Navajo! Love a trend with vibrant pattern AND colour.

    11. Dear Danielle,

      My most coveted item this fall is definately a high waisted wool mini skirt! Just as high waisted denim was so hot recently, a high waisted mini can take you to the office and out to a dinner party after work.

      Sad to see you go,


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