happy Catmas!

Yep, just another insightful blog post!

Thank you to Accordion Guy for introducing me to this auspicious day – this was just the opportunity I was waiting for to post a picture of my cats! Oh the indulgence.

This is Mac


…and this little sweetheart is Sly.

I’m done now.

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    Author: Danielle

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    7 thoughts on “happy Catmas!”

    1. I have a cat like that. Mommy. Awesome barn cat if you need to rid your property of gophers, ground hogs and prairie dogs. I have six of the little lovelies. My mascot Colita got lost, somebody left the gate open so I was distraught and could barely think long enough to post last week but we found her at the pound. She had spent a day or two on her own before getting there and boy, was she glad to get home. when I picked her up at the kitty klink, she was OUTRAGED and made sure everyone within 20 miles knew it. I think the pound was glad to see the last of her. Tiny cat body, but huge lungs and not afraid to use them.

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