live sketching at Jean-Pierre Braganza fall 2013

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My first show sketching in Toronto since 2010 is by London based designer and friend Jean-Pierre Braganza. It was a major challenge to somehow capture even a fraction of his magnificent engineered prints quickly – which is no surprise considering how painstaking the process of designing them is. The first show of the week is always more of a warm-up, though I was happy with these two figures. You can see a quick little video of me at work by Ryan Cheung of here.

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I’m very pleased to announce I will be sketching using Paper on the iPad again this week, exclusive for You can follow FLARE’s tumblr for updates throughout Toronto Fashion Week.

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    Author: Danielle

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    3 thoughts on “live sketching at Jean-Pierre Braganza fall 2013”

    1. Love your fashion sketches Danielle!!! I think we saw you, sketching away at JP Braganza’s aw/w/13 show!!! Beautiful work!

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