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It is a rainy, dark day here. I am working and happy. That I have the privilege of illustrating fashion for a living gives me great enthusiasm to continue doing so. It is always challenging, and feels right. A sense of being at the beginning of something.

Sometimes there is a pile of projects to do, like right now. These are the best days – I am working on several Fashion Figures, drawing for my designer clients, and working on cool side projects. Every sketch is not just a new design and a pretty figure, it is like drawing a roof over my head, fresh food from the market, incremental progress on my student debt, and sharp new pencils, and not least of all skills. So of course I am glad to take a few days devoted to my drawing table.

I have not forgotten about Final Fashion, dear readers. So I will now take a little break and assemble some distracting clicks that you can visit until I find the right moment to post proper again.

As you may have noticed, a lot of these are blips which want to be epic posts. This will have to do for now.

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    Author: Danielle

    fashion artist

    2 thoughts on “living to click”

    1. Danielle, my parents love the Lacroix’d Tiff you drew–thank you again!

      Also, it may not be a fashion comic, but Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is my new guilty pleasure comic, with the cutest darn outfits ever. If I make it to brunch, I’ll bring you one of the books–it’s adorable.

    2. I hope you can make it to brunch Tiff, I’d love to see you and check out your comic book too =)

      I am pleased that your fashion figure meets parental approval too – thanks again for the opportunity!

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