The Deadly Nightshades

fashion in canada,toronto — Danielle on April 9, 2008 at 10:08 am

I dropped into my old fashion school to pick up a ticket for Mass Ex and there they were! The Deadly Nightshades.

the deadly nightshades

Irene, Cat, Niamh, and Meaghan – Photo by Digital Fabrik

They’re a fashion-student bicycle-riding eco-head girl-gang. Back in the lab they were making matching outfits to wear to their film debut at FAT tomorrow.  I had to linger… I love fashion students… and girl gangs… and matching outfits.

I get a huge kick out of the Nightshades.  They’re rebellious and full of fun.  I can not wait to see their movie!  Fashion needs street fighters.

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    1. […] The Deadly Nightshades movie was cute as hell and full of optimism and Jägermeister.  Politics aside (thinking gives you wrinkles), the Nightshades bring something to fashion that is new and entertaining and I look forward to seeing where they pop up next. […]

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