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Now that the fashion playlist has over 100 titles, I find it intimidating and unwieldy. So here’s a new challenge for all my readers who love fashion and music:

Select 6 – 12 songs from the fashion playlist, within a theme. You can make up the theme – it can be anything you want.

I will select a few submitted themes that pique my interest and develop CD inserts based on the songs, with an original illustration (4.75″ x 4.75″) on the front and the playlist on the back. The creators of the lists I illustrate will receive a file of the illustration emailed to them ready to print and insert into their very own fashion-themed CD cases.

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    Author: Danielle

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    4 thoughts on “the fashion playlist CD game”

    1. I came up with a few playlists with different themes.

      Theme: Fashion Week with Heatherette

      Filthy Gorgeous – Scissor Sisters
      Fishnet Stockings – Stray Cats
      Heroine Chic – My Dying Bride
      Too Funky – George Michael
      Up on the Catwalk – Duran Duran
      The Model – Belle & Sebastian
      Rip Her to Shreds – Blonde
      New York Girls – Morningwood
      First we take Manhattan – Leonard Cohen
      Change Clothes – Jay Z
      Hey Scenesters – The Cribs


      Theme: The Devil Wears Prada

      Rip Her to Shreds – Blonde
      Suffer for Fashion – Of Montreal
      Vogue – Madonna
      She’s in Fashion – Suede
      Fashion – David Bowie
      Evil Woman – E.L.O.
      Beautiful Emily – Keziah Jones


      Theme: Ode to Coco

      Tres Tres Chic – The Devil wears Prada Soundtrack
      Trendsetter – Voicemail
      Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat – Bob Dylan
      High Fashion Queen – Gram Parsons
      Flawless – George Michael
      Diamonds Are Forever – Shirley Bassey
      Fashionist – Waldorf
      Glamorous Life – Sheila E


      Still working on this one. Anyone have any suggestions?

      Theme: Thank You Tim Gunn

      Looking Good Feeling Gorgeous – RuPaul
      Fashion Rules – Chicks on Speed
      Fashion – David Bowie
      Ooooh Fashion – Bratz
      Passion – The Flirts
      Are You Feeling Fashionable? – Help She Can’t Swim
      Sharp-Dressed Man – ZZ Top

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