a word from… August 09 sponsors


A word from… is a monthly news post contributed by the sponsors who support Final Fashion.  All of my sponsors are intrepid entrepreneurs with a lot of personality, and I encourage you to check out what they are doing and making.  Just click on their badges in the far right sidebar to get it straight from the source.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please get in touch!

Laura-Jean of Fresh Collective says…

We’re making space for the fabulous fall merchandise that’s arriving each day, so don’t miss the last weeks of our super sale section! We’ve devoted a huge space at the back of our shop to deeply discounted items: designers’ samples, past seasons’ merchandise, and other special deals. Hunt through for the 10$ specials, and go home with a pile of stuff for just a small chunk of change.

fresh collective sale section

illustration by christy litsterChristy from Pink Lady says…

The Pink Lady team has been established to offer various fashion related services to aid in the initial stages of production. These services include, but are not limited to, design, illustration, patternmaking, and grading.

The Pink Lady team includes Lori Moore – Production Patternmaker and Grader, Heather Hobbs – Sample Pattermaker and Grader, and Christy Litster – Fashion Designer and Illustrator. Our team of experts cater to the individual company regardless of size or focus. For more details on our services or pricing please visit our website at www.pinkladyfashion.ca or email us at info@pinkladyfashion.ca.

Jamil from Juma says…

here is a new photo that we launched on our site… this is from our new fall campaign.

i hope u like!