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a-word-fromSponsors who joined Final Fashion in May, June and July have the option of submitting one guest post per month.  This post is a word from… Fashion Crimes and is a fascinating peek into the creation of a window display.  Enjoy!

Our ‘09 TIFF inspired window concept had to be REALLY amazing to even come close to matching the wow-factor of the ‘08 window, which turned out to be one of our favourite displays of all time.

Last year’s TIFF tribute featured glam gowns worn by extravagantly made-up beauties strolling the red carpet, one of which who was “walking” a 7 ft. ostrich by a gem-encrusted leash. The other was being observed by 6 monkeys (taxidermy monkeys, to be exact!) who were eating popcorn.

SO, this year, needless to say, we were feeling the pressure. Upon putting our heads together, we came up with a fun concept in hopes to keep on par with the Film Festival window installations of the past.

Here is how the Brainstorm began:

Concept Brainstorm
Window Concept Sketch

For the styling we planned to dress the likes of Debbie Harry, Gwen Stefani, Karen O, Alison Mosshart, Grace Slick, Diana Ross and Amy Winehouse, of course. And because FALL makes for a huge stockpile of new accessories we set out to jam-pack the display with an overwhelming abundance of lavish pieces. Fall trends would be thoroughly represented with patent handbags, bulky accessories, punches of colour, a few plaid dresses (EVEN THOUGH Pam is allergic to plaid), structured silhouettes, leather gloves, shawls, cuff bracelets and pleatherette leggings.

Production 1

Production 2

Production 3

Production 4

Throughout the 19 hour production stint, Kat and Robyn (the fab production team) drank a total of 9 Red Bulls. At one point at around 1a.m., Kat mentioned feeling “very inspired towards a night of debauchery…” (Partying is infectious when you are surrounded by rock-goddesses).

Production 5

From concept to creation – we were thrilled at what magically turned out by the next morning. Passers by were stopped in their tracks. Even all of our staff had to peruse the masterpiece, each for about 10 minutes.

Fall 2009 Window Final

This installation more than ever represents the designs of Fashion Crimes from over the years at its best… interpreted in a current way, just in time for the festival.

3 thoughts on “a word from… Fashion Crimes 09-09”

  1. I have really enjoyed looking through your illustration. This recent window display at Fashion Crimes speaks about a shop that has a lot of style and inspiration for fashion. My husband and I just love how it all turned out. Seeing the process was a treat. I assume you were one of the creators of this window. Thanks for sharing this on your site. Hope one day you drop by Gwendolyne Hats here at the 401 Richmond building Danielle.

  2. Thanks for the invitation Gwendolyne! Fashion Crimes is a supporter of the site and this post was a guest post by the store manager Crystal – the window was created by Crystal, Kat and Robyn at Fashion Crimes.

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