Danielle by Sab

The purpose of my work is to help you realize your beauty and dignity through the revelation of truth. I am Danielle Final, fine artist and high priestess.

Whether I’m using a paintbrush or a Tarot deck, my greatest joy is witnessing the universal divinity in the human condition. Perhaps there is redemption to be found in reconciling the difference between our real and ideal selves.

Currently I’m working on my first series of fine artworks. These are a set of allegorical nudes, painted live, each expressing an emphatic idea. There is the unconscious mind and the conscious mind. The embrace of the shadow. The graduation between sexual interest and intellectual curiosity. The sun and the moon. The primal root, gut instinct, and the third eye. The introductory showing took place at The Darling Mansion in Toronto on December 20, 2018.

At present, I’m in New York City, preparing to move from paper to canvas to create work about sex and feminine power. Next, I will go to Berlin to create the final set of paintings about masculinity, atonement and death.

Along the way, I’m also creating beautiful large scale live painted portraits for clients in intimate sessions, and doing Tarot readings for querents. If you’re interested in being seen, email or call me: +1 647 686 1922.

Like you, I’ve arrived at the present by a circuitous route.

I was raised in rural Ontario on a small farm, in a log home my father built. My mother is a classical pianist and music teacher. My brother and I were homeschooled. It was an idyllic childhood, which I didn’t fully appreciate at the time. Naturally I moved to the big city as soon as I possibly could to study fashion design. Perhaps due to a lack of social skills, I was a diligent and ambitious student, spending many hours in the library and winning honours and awards. After graduating, I failed to launch, somehow sabotaging every opportunity at gainful employment. Not being very obedient to authority, I was obliged to become self-employed for life.

After graduation, I spent ten years working as a freelance fashion illustrator under the name Danielle Meder. I worked for editorial and commercial clients. I helped fashion designers communicate their ideas. I live sketched at fashion shows in Paris, London and New York City. I wrote and illustrated a column in the style section of The Globe and Mail, and created a book called Draw Fashion Now. Then, having apparently achieved modest success in a rather anachronistic occupation, I burnt myself out of the fashion industry.

Suitably abject, I was able to commit to a few years of spiritual inquiry, although typical to my nature this was done without any formal instruction. I travelled to Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh, among other locations. Over the course of this intense journey, I graduated from handmaiden to high priestess, renamed myself Danielle Final and finally began to make art I truly love. Now I’ve received the divine assignment of helping others on their unique journeys towards truth.