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You’re probably here because you’re worried about that balding spot on your hair. While we don’t have any magic cream to revive your hair instantly, we’ve got some tips to help you with this issue.

1. Style to Conceal

There’s still a way to save those menacing spots without having to go to hair transplant clinics. Simply consult your barber with your hair problem and they’ll suggest the best hairstyle to conceal it.

2. Styling your New Look

With your new hairdo, it’s better to figure out how to frame your face with your beard. You should also look for clothes that will suit your head to revive your style.

3. Medicate that Spot

You can use over-the-counter medications like topical vasodilators to help with your bald issue. Medications like this increase blood circulation which promotes hair growth. However, ensure to consult your doctor before applying them.

4. Be Bald and Brave

The tips above could help you slow down the baldness issue. However, they may delay the growth process and it’s better to come to terms with your baldness. Do it yourself with your razor and shaving cream or better yet, leave it to your barber’s hands to avoid injuries.

5. The Bald Man Must-Haves

It’s better to stock up your medicine cabinet with items that you need for your bare head. For this, you will need facial exfoliants, moisturizers, and sunscreen to clean and protect your exposed scalp.

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