Black Sunday Brunch

black sunday brunch

After last month’s post-fashion week brunch, I was urged by the TFBB regulars to consider reviving the fashion bloggers brunch.  This Sunday marks the weekend of “Black Friday” sales and “Buy Nothing Day” and as such seems like an appropriate date to talk fashion, blogging, and shopping (or not shopping).

There are 10 seats only at this brunch; an RSVP is mandatory and attendance will be taken =) Fashion bloggers only please!

Register here.

6 thoughts on “Black Sunday Brunch”

  1. Wish I could go, but alas, essays, marking, and final classes keep me in Kingston for another few weeks. Hope it inspires you to keep TFBB going, though!

  2. Ok we’re booked up already! Sorry to those who wanted to come but haven’t yet RSVPed. I limit the size because I find that brunches are better when there are less than 12 people.

    I will be hosting irregular brunches in the future, if you want to come to them I would suggest subscribing to my blog feed either by RSS or email to be notified when I post a new invitation. Check the sidebar =>

    Alternately, host your own brunch from your own blog!

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