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These days if you have a gnarly old blog like this one, you might as well be a dinosaur. I even read an article the other day which said blogging is for old people. I don’t pick up new online platforms lightly, it can start to feel overwhelming fast, which is why I’m such a late adopter to Tumblr. However, I can already tell it will be useful. Tumblr will collect all the various errata that won’t fit into the click click posts, plus I’ll share my lowest-common-denominator taste in pop music to spare my dear facebook friends.

I was disappointed to discover recently that my favourite, underrated bookmarking application,, was purchased by my least favourite tech conglomorate, and its future is now uncertain. So Tumblr will be my backup plan if the worst happens and is killed off. It seems quite a bit different, but I think I can use it for similar purposes.

So, are you on Tumblr? Any recommendations of great feeds to follow? Thanks!

3 thoughts on “blogging – on Tumblr now”

  1. joi – as if I could just drop 5 years of momentum here. I’d never get it back. I like having my own URL, I’m old fashioned that way.

    Thanks for the reco, Katyrenee, though I think one new social networking site per year is more than enough to take on. I probably wouldn’t be able to handle tumblr if I hadn’t fallen off the flickr bandwagon some time ago.

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