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Picking out an outfit and the right footwear for teachers While you might be trying to avoid looking overly professional and rigid, you could also make the mistake of falling over to the overly casual end of things. In between that, you also avoid looking too dull, and overall, it’s a tedious task! If you are unsure about the kind of footwear to choose for work, find out whether converse can make the cut or not.

What Does The School Say?

Converse can be chic and appropriate for a severe working environment, contrary to popular opinion. The magic lies in how you style them and what outfits you combine them with. Still, the best place to start when deciding is looking around your place of work. Start by closely inspecting the teacher contract you have signed with the school and understanding the dressing code for teachers. If there are strict guidelines against wearing Converse, you have your answer there. If there aren’t any mentions or outright bans against it, then it is up to you to make it work.

What’s Going On Around You?

After finding out what the school’s code of dressing has to say about Converse, the next step is to look at what others around you are doing. Closely inspect what other teachers are wearing, especially teachers who teach non-sports-related subjects. When you are not teaching sports-related subjects, the automatic need for athletic shoes and sneakers is cancelled. If you see many teachers sporting athletic shoes, this could be a go-ahead for you to don your Converse to school without much worry.

Can a Teacher Wear Converse Shoes?

If your findings support your desire to wear a pair of Converse to school, then you may celebrate victory. However, you should have some concerns. Converse comes in different styles and designs; it is best to keep your options to the minimum, only going for understated colours and styles that would not be inappropriate for the workplace.

Another concern you may have would be comfort. While Converse can look pretty great when combined with a great outfit, they are not the best option in terms of support for your feet. These shoes barely have any arch support, and neither do they have any significant cushioning. Your work will require you to be active and on your feet for most of the day, meaning that Converse will most likely leave you with sore, swollen, and achy feet at the end of the day.

What Shoes Are Most Appropriate for Teachers?

Curating an appropriate but stylish wardrobe as a teacher can be difficult. While you worry about what footwear will look appropriate and stylish, there are a couple of basics you should aim to have in your collection of shoes. The first kind of shoes you need as a staple in your collection is none other than the classic teacher chunky heels. These are perfect for teachers who want the casual feel of wearing sandals while elevating their appearance.

The perfect pair of work flats should not be found missing in your collection. These come in handy in almost every situation, and you cannot go wrong with them. A pair of low-heeled boots can also be a staple in your collection, followed by a pair of athletic shoes — Converse, if you will. No one says building your teacher wardrobe will be a walk in the park, but you can have fun while following the rules.

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