click click – 01-10-12

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Photos of the grounds of Versailles, taken between 1907-1920, via Rococo Revisited. On a more contemporary, less poignant note, I’m going to watch this documentary tomorrow.

Karma for commenters and linkers… a long list of lovelies this edition!

  • Lucis 7“I’m Luci and this is where I like to post some of my works as fashion designer, random writings and share things i like.”
  • Living Life Barefoot“Sometimes life is a little more fun when the shoes come off.”
  • feather spirit“connecting to creativity, soul, nature and self-care”
  • Un Petit Bijou“a place for my musings on my personal style, building the perfect wardrobe, fashion and the little (often forgotten) things that inform individual style, elegance and grace.”
  • Caroline Fryar“Knitter. Spinner. Designer. Gardener.”
  • SSTATUS“the only blog where the things you don’t care about get talked about like someone cares”
  • AnybodySomebodyNobody“a style blog that is for those who live in Dubai and further afield, don’t like the term ‘fashionista’ and just like to hear about what’s beautiful, unique and coveted in the eye of this beholder.”
  • Clare Herbert“I’m a writer, non-profit communications specialist, mentor & student currently based in Dublin, Ireland.”
  • The Mixtape Journal – Tara’s London style blog.
  • Planet617 Photography“Boston based photographer primarily interested in collaborating with fashion professionals to help bring their creative vision to market.”
  • Smoking Lily“Our creations are sewn and silk-screened in-house by a handful of talented women who believe in making quality goods that they love to wear, and hope that you will too.”
  • Psynopsis“I wasn’t only interested in discussing self-adornment, but also in art and the wider aspects of fashion, styling and design”
  • The Tea Stylist“bringing style to the art of tea appreciation”
  • Hepwright’s Vintage Fashion“you will find wonderful hand picked vintage clothes, accessories, homewares, textiles and collectibles”
  • Wardrobe Oxygen“Personal Style by Alison Gary”
  • Breeyn McCarney“works to balance her interest in politics and world events with her drive to create beautiful objects of fashion.”