click click – 03-02-14

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

rick owens 1

Rick Owens by Steven Meisel, via E.P. Cutler.

  • Ana Kinsella – when it comes to fashion-focused link roundups, Ana gives click click a run for its attention deficit disorder. Great mix of long reads and gorgeous image galleries.
  • Vogue Voices – this wonderful series of famous fashion designer interviews is surprisingly revealing. In conversation with a (silent) Sally Singer, we discover what really preoccupies their minds, whether they embrace or resist change, and how their insecurities and sensitivities inform the way they work.
  • The life of a 1930s model in Clothes Pegs by Noel Streatfeild – a fascinating review of a contemporary romance novel which happened to be written by a former model, perhaps offering a quasi-authentic glimpse on the occupation at a time when it was rarely documented. Also in the category of the rare documentary; behind-the-scenes fashion photographs from the 1960s by Henry Wolf.
  • Principles in Logo Design Pricing – this one struck close to home for me as I’ve recently walked away from a large opportunity on principle too. As a freelancer accustomed to precarity, negotiating a big deal that somehow compromises your sense of what is fair is a truly agonizing experience, and few are brave enough to share their story like this – I know I won’t. Via Anne.
  • Resources on cultural appropriation in fashion – a great primer on a complex subject written by an educator for fashion students – the demographic that needs this information the most. Two tangentially relevant links: via Timo, On Gay Male Privilege, and via Fiona Duncan, Ghetto Fabulous.
  • The Portfolio of Greg Climer: Useful Designer – Timo’s friend Greg has done a lot of intriguing inter-disciplinary projects.
  • Fabulous Fashionistas – terrible title, awesome documentary about older women with inspiring style. Via Rea. Two other takes on age – On Jane Morris and Aging and On Turning 30.

rick owens 2

Karma is real.