click click – 04-01-12

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Attitude icon and former Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. In three words, “just watch me.”

Happy new karma for keeps, peeps –

  • Spoonful of Justice – these kids mashed up my paper dolls to create cutlery themed superheroes. This made me smile! I love seeing people use paper dolls as they were meant to be used – for playing with.
  • Men’s Flair – Winston Chesterfield makes “A Case for Fashion Illustration”.
  • Travel Write Draw – I adore discovering that my blog archives are inspiring to other fashion illustrators, and that sharing my experiences is helping others overcome their own post-grad anxiety.
  • Wendy Ding – it’s amazing to me to see someone not only take inspiration from my blog, but take action. Well done on a banner year, Wendy!
  • Love At First Blush – Sabrina was top of the class at my fashion school, I love seeing what she’s working on now.
  • the stairs magazine – “a collage of words, looks, quirks and pics”
  • Styled Silhouettes – “Don’t say a word, let your clothes do the talking!”
  • Fits & Starts Vintage – “repeated bursts of activity”

2 thoughts on “click click – 04-01-12”

  1. I have this embarrassing huge crush on Trudeau (which I would never admit in real life). He’s a terrible PM but ahhh… so much style.

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