click click – 05-06-12

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

The photography of Kiyana Hayeri shows how young Iranian women’s lives are sharply divided between private permissiveness and public propriety.

  • To Pay or Not to Pay – the source of so much delusion among the middle of the fashion blog pack is the online brand budget bubble which is currently under review for deflation. For those of us that just aren’t celebrity fashion blogger material (get real) peep my philosophy. RELATED: a week in the working life of a pro fashion blogger.
  • Will you wear the ‘blogger’ trend? – what happens when fashion bloggers wear every trend at once? They become a meta-trend!
  • Why I Hate Beauty – the bad news is, beauty is relative, and our society is on a media-fuelled beauty-binge. Found via 22/8 (who says she found it from me, but I don’t remember seeing it before).
  • 5 Life Lessons – a sweet & condensed post where Gala shares the best bits of her philosophy.
  • Cartoon Showdown – Gilray vs. Crumb – a fascinating pair of essays, accompanied by maddeningly low-res images, about two keen interpreters of their respective ages. I’m more into Gilray – he bridges satire, caricature, politics and fashion with brilliant viciousness.

Karma cream on your internet berries…

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  1. I was convinced I found it through final fashion, but I guess must have found it through another blog linked on here and it ended up in my ‘final fashion reference folder’… In any case, the article is indeed worth the read.

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