click click – 12-03-12

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I found these photos of the zoot suit riots after reading this fascinating pdf sent to me by Ryan at Just Goods.

  • Nothing Was Desirable – a review of the documentary “Punk in Africa” via The Grumpy Owl. Punk subculture is an incredibly robust continuum – not dead. Young punks worldwide write their own lyrics about their own politics and put their own spin on style. See also: Heavy Metal Islam.
  • Revolutionary Road – revolution and religion is youth driven, and though it lacks a pop soundtrack it is not so far removed in a practical sense from how secular trends emerge and function.
  • The Curious History of “Tribal” Prints – what we describe as indigenous is far more international than we realize.
  • The beleaguered art of fashion criticism – this non-story has been making the rounds. There is a bit of irony in that critics feel free to criticize bloggers without genuinely investigating the spectrum of blogging. The crux of great criticism is an intimate understanding of what is criticized… and fearlessness.
  • Dark secret behind fashion for celebrity front rows – flashing lights have turned away from the designers, and designers are the ones who are paying for it. In the fashion biz, folks who don’t need the money get paid and those who do, don’t. Read a poignant vignette of how this plays out by Eva at Dressful.

Karma for electric friends –

  • Barry Lorne Freedman“spending enough days at the beach to have an almost permanent tanline”
  • Men’s Flair – thanks Winston for the Modecast review and recommendation
  • dear fashion newb“This is a retraction for everything that I have said or will say on this blog.”
  • à l’allure garçonniere – “The intention is to give voice to feminist concerns about fashion, to deconstruct, and to celebrate how liberating and exciting fashion can be for people.”

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