click click – 12-07-11

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

The two images on this post come from I left my heart in Vietnam – I like a bit of art that evolves to converge on two themes that are currently on my mind – hope/lessness and the transience of styles. Aside, I now walk daily past a Banksy on my way to the office.

Sweet karma for hanging out on the internet with me —

  • Flight Fashion – I was invited to offer comments on airline uniforms, with some other lovely fashion bloggers.
  • Style Bubble – Susie called this post ‘wonderful’ and made my week.
  • Anna Goense“Dit is het weblog van Anna Goense”
  • Fira&Capa – didn’t realize that this doll was inspired by the lovely Pippa, that’s a bit of PR sparkle isn’t it?
  • Kira Fashion“jornalista e apaixonada por três coisas na vida: moda, viagens e línguas.”

6 thoughts on “click click – 12-07-11”

  1. Ugh, Bebe Zeva makes my teeth hurt.

    Can we stop asking who the “next” anything is? I realize that’s a fashion journalist thing, but please. Isn’t the whole point of having an “It” girl that there is no NEXT?

  2. I’ve been doing a little more research into the Bebe Zeva thing, and I think she is a quite remarkable young woman who is very smart and self-aware – perhaps too self-aware to be a sympathetic character. I would characterize her as the Lady Gaga of fashion blogging, if I was to make a comparison.

  3. She writes decently and has talent putting together outfits. I’m not saying that she doesn’t – I suspect she puts me on edge because of just how much she seems to seek fame. That, plus the ridiculous vocabulary she uses (with so many split infinitives) turns me off.

    Do you think she is so smart and self-aware? I think it seems like a lot of bravado. And her desperate need for fame and depressive episodes seem to me like a cry for attention. I think if she was clearer about that in her blog, she might seem more sympathetic.

  4. Wait, I should clarify. I don’t mean that her depressive episodes are a cry for attention – depression is a very real and serious illness. What I mean is that I suspect that her depression may be based on her apparent need for fame and relevance. It doesn’t seem to be a healthy obsession.

    That said, I’m just speculating based on what I’ve seen and read. And while I’m not a personal fan, I do admire her determination in getting what she wants out of life.

  5. She’s an interesting phenomenon – if in fact she gets enough traction to become one. I feel like dismissing her too quickly is a mistake, and it seems like too many adult journalists and middle-of-the-pack bloggers are being biased and bullying, to a teenaged girl.

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