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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

These two details are from a magnificent piece of art called Flower of Life by Eliza Plumley. It is currently on display in the Hard Twist exhibit at the Gladstone in Toronto. Eliza repurposes used consumer materials into beautiful, harmonious mandalas.

  • Rocaille – found this treasure peripherally through an image search and was instantly delighted – it’s sort of an occulture blog, with themes of decay, history, fashion and music, it’s so far up my alley I can’t believe I never noticed it before. Check out posts on Michele Lamy and 90’s pop fashion.
  • Inside Fashion: Oscar de la Renta, 1984 – this is wonderful, candid interview with de la Renta, who shares all of his greatest hits anecdotes about his early career and an amazing negotiation story. You could learn a thing or two about charm and persuasion from Oscar. This is from a television show hosted by Barbaralee Diamonstein (!) – another very vivacious interview is given by Mary McFadden.
  • The Other Middle East – meeting with Ryerson Folio founder Trung Ho inspired me to revisit the issue that my piece In Praise of the Unplanned Career appeared in, and I found the whole issue well worth a reread, but especially two very different articles written by two of my contemporaries. Tara Aghdashloo takes on a huge subject – spanning art, politics, money and geography, and opens a window to a world I know nothing about. Sarah Nicole Prickett opens a confessional vein that reveals something about why she writes the way she does.
  • CUTECIRCUIT – the process of turning the clothes we wear into screens is well underway – and the initial form is as a dystopian vehicle for slick, vapid celebrity and corporate messages. Once this technology becomes more common, it will be interesting to see how people will hack it.
  • When ‘style icons’ speak – Rachel Hills and I had a little tumblr debate about how – or if – skinny girls can talk about size. I come off as an Alexa Chung critic when I’m actually quite a fan of hers – I think she’s a total pro. However, I’m not a fan of size talk in general, and particularly when skinny girls (like me) do it. Rachel used the conversation as a launching point for a more considered article on the subject.

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One thought on “click click – 15-11-12”

  1. Danielle, your observations, photographs, and illustrations here at Final Fashion are informative and interesting.

    I particularly enjoyed searching for these click-worthy internet sites.

    With a description including the words “decadence, kitsch, and Godliness”, who would not be intrigued by La Rocaille. It’s a blog I’ve also enjoyed visiting for some time now.

    Sites for Bonjour Love and CuteCircuit, however, were new to me. CuteCircuit’s wearable illuminated screens are really innovative and lend themselves to a wide variety of not just commercial – but especially artistic expression.

    Bonjour Love’s post sharing a travel book was particularly interesting and makes the viewer feel as if the book is right there, being turned page by page – with a friend.

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