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I had the chance to attend the RCA Work in Progress opening party thanks to Julian – which was so much fun – and I saw some awesome experiments in textile and clothing design. I really liked the one above which had a thrilling 3D effect which doesn’t quite come across in a snapshot.

  • Covering the Catwalk – an insider’s take on the fashion magazine editor as personality. Leanne Delap also discusses the (so so subtle) differences in styles and personalities between Canada’s big three fashion mags. Via Deeply Superficial.
  • the teXtile factory – I met Andrew Kenny (who is a friend of Kevin‘s) at the Royal College of Art work in progress exhibition. His project is a Project-Runwayish style mashup of interactive t-shirt design. You can vote for your favourite shirts, suggest themes, or even apply to be a judge.
  • WWD Wishes Fashion Were More Elitist – Amy Odell tears apart a Bridget Foley op-ed. I think the most frustrating implication as Odell tells it is the accusation that bloggers are the ones fawning over “bland actresses who wear bland clothes”. If you’ve spent any time in fashion blogland at all, you would have a hard time finding this credible. If you want to see pictures of Blake Lively wearing Chanel, pick up Vogue. I agree with the sentiment that a loss of elitism is a loss – but such hand-wringing seems naive. At this stage in the game the fashion establishment is frantically courting mass populism just to stay in business, while the upstarts are free to chase the under-rated and avant garde.
  • 5 Days of the Week – Luxirare tackles one of my favourite concepts – the capsule wardrobe. Via Nubby.
  • Six Items or Less – another riff on capsule wardrobes, refreshingly lacking any particular hypothesis. It will be interesting to see what the takeaway from this experiment will be. Via Timo.
  • Fear and Loathing and Fabulous in the Thesaurus – a scathing indictment of fashion’s most loathsome f-word. Via Timo.
  • Bio-Couture – interesting and slightly gross experiments with “growing” textiles and garments. Via Timo.
  • Artists and Photographers – 20 Best Pieces of Advice – a real kickstarter of an article, perfect for finding that sense of motivation you might need mid-January. Via Gala.

Photograph courtesy Lyndon Douglas/Barbican Art Gallery

I had the pleasure of attending the exhibition of 30 years of Japanese fashion at the Barbican with several sewing bloggers, thanks to Karen for taking the initiative! The exhibit was incredible – it was jaw-dropping to see the techno couture by Junya Watanabe in person, pictures really don’t do these masterpieces justice.

Without further ado, linkage and clickage for new friends, commenters and linkers.

  • Did You Make That?“I’d like this blog to tell a story – the story of what I sew and knit.”
  • Handmade Jane“Since taking a dressmaking course last year, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with sewing.”
  • Superficial Art“the superficial and the artistic attributes of the fashion industry.”
  • Good Clobber“a blog for men with an interest in affordable fashion and accessible design.”

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