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Gosh, the WordPress categories thing is really neat. This new category, click click, is for those posts where I share what’s on my bookmarks, and any books I’m reading and just random stuff.

Verbal Croquis Portfolio Explosion!! I am just in awe. Serious portfolio envy/admiration/respect/love… Zoe, don’t ever stop! Just slow down. You making me look really lazy here. At the rate you work I’ll never ever catch up, you’re such a fashion superhero.

I am a girl who does not do the whole underwire bra thing. But Bra-Making with Bra-Makers makes me want a bra more than a hundred lingerie ads ever could. I now have a burning (but not bra-burning lol) desire to take a class with Beverly Johnson, she is clearly an amazing teacher with great authority on her subject.

Speaking of teachers, I was chatting with Kim, one of my favourite professors, who reads this blog! She expressed a genuine concern that I was becoming rather journalistic in style and influences and encouraged me to read some academic fashion writing. Journalistic writing can get too vague, broad statements on narrow subjects.

So I have picked up The Fashioned Body by Joanne Entwhistle. Read the first chapter on the subway today. From what I know academic fashion writing likes to explain vague, broad things in very specific ways. The gist so far is: fashion has something to do with the body. If I knew who Veblen and Foucalt were, this book would make a lot more sense. I suspect it may be philosophy? That’s the problem with academics. I don’t have patience for the pre-requisites. But I will stick with it! I’m sure it will get better. There’s pictures later on.

Julie, have you read this?

3 thoughts on “click click”

  1. Aw, thanks for the props!

    After “The Fashioned Body”, I would recommend any Valerie Steel. I’m currently reading “Fashion” by Christopher Breward, a survey of the past 150 years of fashion.

  2. I’ve read almost all of Valerie Steele, she’s great.
    Kim also recommended Caroline Evans. The book is called Fashion at the Edge.

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