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  • The latest trend among the fashionable internet is buying less. Whether they’re fabulously broke, just resolving to consume less, taking pledges to only rework or make clothing, cool people have stopped shopping. Watch out fashion industry. Danger lies ahead when this trend hits the early majority. What will happen when they realize they don’t NEED to go shopping? Yikes.
  • I’ve been reading through the archives at the Fashion-Incubator and coming across so many terrific posts. Must reads include Lean Dream Teams, Sleeve Cap Ease is Bogus, the Centered Zipper Series, that’s just three posts out of a pile of pure gold. You will laugh, cry, and learn on the Fashion-Incubator, it’s damn good internet. If you haven’t bought Kathleen’s book yet, do it, it’s like fashion business book diamonds.
  • A rash of anonymous commentary follows the blog posts on Ultimate Platinum both here and on Whether I’m factually wrong or just have bad taste, let me know! I’m open to contradiction. Which New Labels collection did you think was most deserving, and why?
  • In other fashion blogland gossip, there’s an interesting exchange happening between Julie Fredrickson and Suze Yalof Schwartz that is the very model of civility between two fashion characters with vastly different points of view. Yes there may be claws but they are retracted. That is how editors do it. Also notice they are not anonymous. What I gather is if you aren’t trust-funded, don’t try to be a fashion magazine intern, because they expect you to work 12 hour days for nothing. Not a good career choice for those who must buy their own food. Even entrepreneurship is less risky than not eating.
  • If you’re still looking for even more links, I’ve decided to test spin, where I’ll be bookmarking whatever passes my fancy. So far it seems like a fun application for sifting through the internet. I’ve installed a widget if you want to check out what I’m clicking on (not all of it fashion-related), take a scroll down the sidebar ->

    6 thoughts on “clickfest”

    1. on the first bullet point: i like that fashion is going a bit more grassroots, a bit green, a bit DIY a perhaps more than a bit more thoughtful…after several years of jamming “fast” fashion down our throats. at the cost of what? so many things…*sigh*

      perhaps people will think more about what they are buying, where it comes from, and focus their energies and dollars on that which is well-made and useful as well as beautiful (meaning, it lasts more than one season).

      i am definitely interested in following this “trend” as it develops.

    2. i completely agree with tricia. im currently working in a very non-creative environment (the LAW!) and i have to admit that i enjoy having things around me that i know are the direct result of someone’s creative process… and its also making me think more seriously about what i spend my money on. I havent yet given up cheap basics like undershirts, but for anything beyond that, I’m allowing my purchases to be a conduit for creating a creative environment.

    3. Might not be so bad if we shopped less. The mega empires might get the hint that cheap isn’t everything. Maybe the prices will go up and that will give the rest of us a chance in the business.

    4. You demonstrated frugality even when you did that Rebecca! That’s on trend.

      I’m going to explore this more, in my post coming up on Earth Day.

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