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There are a lot of meta-layers to this post, so thank you for bearing with so much preciousness. Many people were interested in the funeral for fashion blogs that happened in New York. It was an event I held playfully. I never seriously considered deleting my blog – it’s a body of work I’m proud of and I value the independent space to share whatever I want to share, whenever I feel like it. That said, the era of regular updates is definitely over, and fashion blogging will never be what it once was. So, when the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail asked me to expand upon the story of the funeral, it was an opportunity to dig deeper on a shallow subject – and the story itself ended up being quite existential.

Writing a version of the “fashion blogs are dead” media cliche that wouldn’t also make me die of embarrassment was quite a challenge – and I think I succeeded. I’ve been so touched by the thoughtful responses to the piece.

I was also asked to contribute a set of four illustrations to go with the story. I had the idea of “glitching” the drawings to evoke digital decay. The editors decided to go with the non-glitched versions – still, I’m pleased with the glitched versions and am glad I can share them here. Which literally illustrates what is so special about having your own space on the internet.

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I’m honoured to work with the style editors and art directors at The Globe and Mail – heartfelt thanks to Andrew Sardone, Carley Fortune, and Bryan Gee. In addition to this past weekend’s story, I’ve also been drawing and writing for the back page of the Style Advisor magazine. To have a very prestigious, visible place to share my work is a tremendous opportunity. I don’t know how long this gig will go on for. No matter what, I’m grateful for every page. For a fashion illustrator/writer to have a recurring column at a publication is a highly unusual thing.

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As a blogger by habit, I’m not used to being edited. It’s a fascinating process. My role as an artist is to uphold the integrity of my vision. My editors understand where I’m coming from, and their job is to make sure the readers can find a way to connect with me. I remember reading the Globe Style section as a young fashion student and feeling alienated from the columnists who were clearly writing for a very different demographic – a demographic those writers seemed to be part of. I never imagined I’d one day be on these pages too. With that in mind I’m making an effort to voice atypical fashion ideas – and occasionally I do find the edges of what’s acceptable. My editors make my weird ideas relatable to a broad audience in a way that still feels true to me. Which shows how amazing my editors are.


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As for Final Fashion, it will still exist, however I will no longer create ‘blog posts’ as I used to. I’ll update it occasionally to feature whatever I’m working on, so it will continue to function as a portfolio. However, updates will be infrequent. I’ll also no longer do my ‘click click’ link roundups. Instead, please follow me on Twitter and Tumblr where I’ll continue to share what I consider worth clicking on the internet as I come across it. My Delicious account is also a catch-all for that type of stuff. My Facebook is a free-for-all, so feel free to add me. And I’m an occasional Instagrammer too, if you want peek through a little square into my world.

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How lucky I am to have been part of this fashion blogging phenomenon for a full trend cycle, from beginning to end. Sharing my words and drawings with you is my greatest joy. To everyone who has ever visited Final Fashion, linked to it, commented on it, and found something useful or delightful here, thank you!


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  1. Hi Danielle, I have been reading your blog from near the start. I actually have very little interest in fashion but I have always enjoyed your insights and seeing where life takes you. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your article.

  2. Thanks for the read over on the Globe and Mail — a friend and fellow blogger shared it with me, and it really resonates with where I’m at right now, looking at my blog and wondering where its future lies. While I might not go out as ceremoniously as you did, I’m definitely looking at where I’m at, and what needs to happen to get to the next idea.

    Hope your new endeavours are going great!

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