Destination Festivals

For the February 2017 travel issue of the Globe Style Advisor, I made a little wishlist of international music festivals I’d love to attend. Over the past few years I’ve become fascinated with electronic music, especially techno, so it was sweet to be able to nod to my new interest in the column. Plus an opportunity to draw handsome men in avant silhouettes.

Moogfest – Durham, North Carolina – Electronic – May 18 – 21

Named for inventor of the synthesizer, Robert Moog, this urban electronic music festival is as geeky as it gets. Besides a sensory overload of sonic experiences, there’s workshops and talks exploring themes of synth-building, Afro-futurism, techno-shamanism, and trans-humanism.

What to wear: cutting edge wearable technology.

Midburn – Isreal – Electronic – May 28 to June 2 2017

Everyone’s heard of Burning Man, where the population has exploded to 60,000+ over the past few years. Lesser known are related regional events including Midburn in Israel. Situated in the equally spectacular Negev desert location, it’s much smaller than the big burn and therefore heir to an intimate vibe you won’t ever find again in Nevada.

What to wear: go nomadic – long loose cotton garments and veils will keep you cool in the day and warm at night.

Secret Solstice – Iceland – Rock – June 16 – 18

The Prodigy and Foo Fighters are headlining this year’s international rock festival, but expect to discover many incredible local acts from Iceland’s thriving music scene. Also, the sun never sets at this latitude at the height of summer, so the longest day is days long.

What to wear: gold to celebrate the sun… and sunglasses.

Weather Festival – Paris – Techno – June

There’s no more appropriate place to hear the motorized intensity of techno music than the Euro-retro-futurist setting of the Le Bourget Airport north of Paris.

What to wear: all black everything, geometric tattoos, shaved heads and skirts for all sexes.

Into the Valley – Estonia – Electronic – June 29 – July 1

This year’s festival is taking place in Rummu, the ruins of an abandoned prison in a flooded quarry which was excavated by the convicts under terrible conditions. In a dramatic reversal of fortune, expect world class music, accommodations and food.

What to wear: sparkling crystals and precious gems to restore good vibes.

Electric Forest – Michigan – Electronic –  June 22 – 25 & June 29 – July 2

Astounding visual art installations transform the deep woods of Michigan into a fantasy world, where you’ll also happen to hear wonderful music.

What to wear: take your inspiration from Middle Earth – silks if you’re elvish, linen if you’re a hobbit, or leather for dwarves.

A3C – Atlanta – Hip Hop – October

This massive urban festival takes place in hip hop’s southern home. In addition to live performances, it is also an industry conference, so the vibe is for artists, by artists, paying respect to the greats and raising up new legends.

What to wear: be poppin’ out your freshest white material after Labour Day.